We asked insiders and experts from various industries to tell us something they think outsiders are unaware of and we’ve shared a few of those responses below.

Speak Easy | Indie Band and Production Company

How much goes into our process of bringing ideas to life outside of time and money. There are considerations at every turn if you want to be a successful creative organization. Not only do you want to create good music and have lots of people enjoy it, you also want people to come to shows, buy merchandise, share your content and do marketing work for you, etc. It takes an enormous amount of patience and attention to dig into your niche and develop as an artist/band, and it often requires a lot of sacrifices to be made in your personal life to keep the creative machine turning. Read more>>

Julia Truong | Owner & Lead Planner

Outside of creating a great end to end experience for couples and guests alike, vendor management is just as important. Maintaining good relationships with the venue, photographer, etc is pivotal to moving our business forward as trust needs to have a solid foundation. Wedding planners & coordinators may have to manage at least 6-7 vendors per event! Success for me is where luck meets preparation. Read more>>

London Lang M.S. CCC-SLP | Speech-Language Pathologist

Often, people aren’t quite sure what I do when I tell them I’m a speech-language pathologist. Speech-language pathologists (SLPs) have a very wide scope of practice and work with individuals of all ages. We work on speech production, fluency (stuttering), voice, resonance, cognition, pragmatics (social language), expressive and receptive language, cognition, swallowing, augmentative and alternative communication, literacy, and auditory processing. Read more>>