We asked insiders and experts from various industries to tell us something they think outsiders are unaware of and we’ve shared a few of those responses below.

Camille Tenerife | Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Some people believe that we (therapists) are paid to be helpful and are just here to listen to other people’s problems. Sometimes, others think that we don’t care about our clients. The reality is we care so much about our clients. We think about you after our sessions, seek consultations from others and pieces of training to see how else we can help. We care just like a teacher is to her students or a coach to their athletes. Just because we are getting paid for our service, it does not mean we are not invested in your success and in you thriving in life. Read more>>

Derravia K. & Bobby Rich | Derravia: Mother, Wife, Entrepreneur, Community Activist, and Change Agent/ Bobby: Father, Husband, City of Memphis Firefighter, Master Gardener/Herbalist, and Community Leader

The agriculture industry is much different than what it has been in the past. It has recently evolved into different facets that many people may have not associated the industry with. Such as the many career opportunities that are available within the agriculture industry, recent technological advancements, and the increase in diversity. Agriculture is for everyone and agriculture is interconnected with everything. Many are unaware that the agriculture industry is becoming more inclusive and diverse and is also being driven by the use of technology/tech. In recent years, many companies and farmers are stepping up to pave the way towards a new wave in farming. Read more>>

Eric Huebsch | Artist, educator

In the Art field, there is a lot more than just making and creating artwork. There’s networking (ugh), writing, research, running a small business. It can be all consuming at times. For many of us that coincides with having another job/career. I have been fortunate to be an educator and the past few years I have been teaching art/glass at Cal State Fullerton Read more>>

Katherine Bourne Taylor | Actor & Comedian

Picture those images of an iceberg, how the bulk of it is actually under the surface, not seen by anyone. Underneath the performances, bookings, and social media of an actor is a TON of work, training, and hustle. The rejections, reaching out to people, the auditions, and creative writing for ideas that never see the light of day but also contribute to the whole process. Read more>>