We asked insiders and experts from various industries to tell us something they think outsiders are unaware of and we’ve shared a few of those responses below.

Tyler Rydosz | Film Composer & Orchestrator

You may have heard that the music industry is cut-throat and extremely competitive – especially the film music industry. I experience this first-hand while going to school for music composition in Nashville, TN. I have heard many stories in which this statement is so true that it makes you sick to your stomach, but most outsiders never know the less-told flipside; by the nature of the profession, film composers can be the most personable and selfless people. Film composers rely on both mentorship and congeniality to “make it” in the industry. Due to this, there is a cycle of mentorship in which established composers give back by mentoring composers new to the industry. They freely give time for coffee meetings in which they crucial advice. Personally, this advice given to me has shaped how I select, negotiate, and score films. This has made all the difference for my career. Read more>>

Rotem Cinamon | Film Composer

One thing about the film music industry that outsiders are probably unaware of is the quick turnarounds. Generally speaking, the music composition is part of the post-production stage of the film. In other words, music is one of the last things to be done when creating a film. Therefore, the deadlines are extremely tight. To make things even worse, when composing for TV the deadlines are even tighter. As a film composer, I’m required to deliver top-quality material in no time. The deadline is sacred. I MUST deliver on time, or my entire work is worthless. I’d say that being able to compose good music quickly and make quick decisions about it, as well as having good communication skills, are essential in this industry. It may sound intimidating and stressful, but it’s challenging and fun too! When an outsider watches (and listens to) a film, they might not be aware of the quick-paced nature of this industry. Read more>>

Alan Montes | Wardrobe Stylist

One thing that outsiders are absolutely not aware of is, styling is not glamorous. What happens behind the scenes will remain a secret but let me tell you, it’s a lot of work and I’m constantly sweating. Read more>>

Mark Machuszek | Futurist, Inventor, Investor & Advisor

Over-the-years and through travel, my businesses, mediation and my start-up consulting, I realize most entrepreneurs never really give a thought to the “environment” yet alone thinking of it as a huge business opportunity and not just “something to deal with”. When structuring a company of any size, you need to list all opportunities, risks and cost but recognize some of the “risks are actually opportunities in disguise”. One of my partnerships took place two plus decades ago, it was a small organic coffee shop that made really amazing drinks in an era where most people had never heard of a cappuccino or café mocha! And while the quality, atmosphere and service were spectacular , what made the company really grow was everything in the café was “certified organic” and produced with care and stewardship of the environment. Read more>>

Glenn Damato | Science Fiction Author

My business involves writing and independently publishing books for distribution on Amazon. Most folks know that publishing has experienced rapid changes with the rise of eBook readers, print-on-demand, and the mainstreaming of independent publishing. Many thousands of minor classics, popular books published across decades, are now easily and inexpensively available for download or as print-on-demand paperbacks. This means that today’s authors are not only competing with other actively writing authors, but with a vast assortment of previously “lost” books that are now available for the first time in years – few, if any, popular books need ever go out-of-print. If you’re a reader, this is wonderful, because the volume of well-written books available to you has exploded. Read more>>

John Lanza | Chief Mammals & Creator

Parents are the key to ensuring that we raise the next generation to be financially literate. Schools can play a part, but parents are the linchpins. Money lessons are abstract until kids get the chance to practice what they’ve learned. Practice typically begins when their parents start an allowance program. Read more>>

Brian Hyman | Yoga Teacher & Wellness Content Creator

I have worked as a yoga teacher in the field of addiction treatment and recovery since 2012. I have facilitated thousands of groups filled with men and women from around the world. These courageous men and women have all made the decision to do one very important thing: save their life. To seek treatment; to leave family and friends; to take time away from work and other obligations; to learn new behaviors; to let go of limiting beliefs and habit energies — all of these factors align for one purpose: to save a precious human life. I share these ideas to help remove shame and stigma from addiction. I share these ideas as a reminder that we can work together to help one another learn, heal, and grow. I share these ideas so that more lives can be saved. I know these things to be true because I not only teach yoga in a treatment center, but I have also been clean and sober since 2009. Yoga has been an integral part of my personal recovery from addiction. Read more>>