We asked insiders and experts from various industries to tell us something they think outsiders are unaware of and we’ve shared a few of those responses below.

Eden Berlin | Burlesque Artist

I think the thing outsiders are not aware of are the costs of costumes, probs, dance lessons as well as the time it takes to refine the look- the vintage hairstyles and makeup, the moves and really just the general vintage vibe. A lot of time is being spend also to get ready for a show, to get into the look takes most of the time. There is so much more to a performance than just the few minutes you get to see on stage. Read more>>

Joe Han | Cinematographer

I think one of the biggest things they don’t tell you is that 90% of it is a mental game. I used to view my path to success as ‘things I need to be doing’ by certain time or age, but it’s really the journey of perseverance that takes the driver’s seat and the other things happen by chance around you. As a cinematographer, I am constantly fighting this uphill battle of looking over my shoulder. I get so consumed with what everyone else is doing that I lose my own voice and my artistic vision. I know a lot of my work doesn’t fit the ‘look’ of what’s hot and popular, and that can be very discouraging. But I found that there are people that appreciate that. They admire that I can bring something different to the table. The tough part is reminding myself of that on the daily, and not become jealous or lust over someone else’s work. Read more>>

Anne Elisabeth | Pilates and Gyrotonic Instructor

Just like my clients, it can be hard for me to workout and stick to a healthy lifestyle! There are days when I hate working out, and I don’t want to get up early, or do any of the things. But, I am a firm believer that those days are the biggest win. Not because of the workout you do (let’s be honest, it’s probably not going to be the best), but because of the story you are reinforcing for yourself around your relationship to fitness. If you just show up, you are telling yourself that you are a person that prioritizes wellness, and works out ‘x’ number of times a week, no matter what. That is the practice that creates change. Read more>>

Nicole Kniss | Studio Owner

You don’t have to hate working out!! Fitness should be fun!! Find your soulmate workout and you’ll never think of exercise the same way. Find a place that lifts you up, makes you feel confident and doesn’t play on insecurities! You can make life long friends at your favorite fitness studio. Read more>>

Vania Bouffard | Small Business Owner

Becoming an overnight success is rare. There are many facets to starting a sauce business. People think it’s as easy as cooking up a sauce in their kitchen, bottling it up in a jar, and selling it in stores. The reality is that you have to consider things like recipe testing, the right kind of bottles you want to use, product liability insurance, permits, nutritional labels, and marketing. You have to build your brand. You’re not just selling your sauce, you’re selling yourself. You can have a great product but if people don’t believe in the you, then you won’t succeed. Read more>>

Elisabetta Covizzi Perfetti | Art Conservator

Art conservation is closer to surgery than painting. En route to restoration, numerous diagnostic and research checkpoints must be reached before proceeding with the aesthetic components of the job. Conservators work side-by-side with scientists to ensure the intervention withstands the ages, allowing us to enjoy a unique intersection of art and science. Plus, conservators must be knowledgeable of all materials used by past artists from different time periods, as well as up to date on constantly evolving advancements in modern materials science. The image of someone calmly painting behind a magnifying light comprises only a small portion of our job. Read more>>

Rafael Kosche | Martial Arts Equipment & Supplies Dealer

We have dedicated a lot of time and effort into learning everything we could about metallurgy, art, design, and history of swords, knives and other bladed weapons. As well as textiles, shoe manufacturing, and actual history of martial arts around the world. Read more>>

Jill Demby Guest | Producer, Writer & Director/Filmmaker

That it actually takes a lot of hard work and skill to craft a meaningful story or any king, comedy or drama. I think the entertainment business is often seen as glamorous so I think to the outside world that part takes center stage whereas behind the scenes there’s a big collaboration going on to make it all happen. Read more>>

Ricky Hayes | Director of Operations & DJ/MC

In our Entertainment Industry, it seems that sometimes others are unaware of the costs and production that goes on behind the scenes to actually produce even more simple events. While Uber and Lyft are getting much of the spotlight in regards to CA compliance regulations on Employee vs Independent Contractor, the Events industry has also been put in a tough position due to the same regulations. While most of the work is “gig” based and also a secondary job for many, it is quite challenging to manage the overhead costs of properly preparing events with well maintained equipment, vehicles, communication, meetings and the general liability of staff as employees instead of contractors. Read more>>

Alex Park | Chef

The one thing that non-industry people are unaware of is how much time is spent at work, it’s very similar to hospitals…you work on your feet all day, with little to no breaks, but the thing that differs between the 2 fields, is when you work in a restaurant or any back of house gig, there are no windows, you are squeezed so tightly in such a confined space and are constantly being rubbed up against because of it. There’s a lot of yelling and loud noises, everything must be “in it’s place” I put that into quotes, because that’s’ the next part of my answer, Mise en place. Mise en place literally translate to “everything in it’s place” in French. It means to have everything ready for service so you don’t fall behind and have everything organized because if you are cooking in a messy and unorganized station, you will either or all…be yelled at by Chef, or again, fall behind on orders. Read more>>

Jeff Drobman | Engineer, Academic, Sports Enthusiast & Political Activist

Consulting in general, but especially in the tech field, is very difficult to succeed in. Everyone wants your consultation but they don’t want to pay for it. So yes, I am “successful” in that many important people value my opinion, but my income is sadly quite low. I am relegated to accepting my sense of accomplishment in knowledge as only a psychic reward. Read more>>