We asked folks to tell us about the most important decisions they’ve made along their journey and have shared some of the highlights below.

J. DuBois | Ceramic Artist

About two years ago, I made a commitment to myself to have a regular art practice, and that has been such a monumental move. Getting into a regular routine of going to the studio and making new work every day, even if its not my most genius work, keeps me evolving as an artist which not only pushes me forward in my career, but as a craftsperson and artist as well. Read more>>

Merel Petri | Designer & Brand Strategist

Positioning myself to learn things way outside of the job description. Because I always found myself taking on responsibilities outside of what I was hired to do, I was able to learn a lot of different aspects of a business and get experience from a lot of different industries, which is helping me build my business today. I also used this as a way to recognize when it was time to move on from something, if the learning stopped and I felt too comfortable, I knew that I needed to push myself into something new. Read more>>

Daniel Colón | Multidisciplinary Artist & Content Creator

Get out of your own way! As a creative in today’s day and age, we can at times put unnecessary pressure on ourselves to be or act a certain way in order to be well-received by the outside world. Social Media expectations can often bring about this sort-of rigidity with Self which can kill off the exploratory nature that a business requires. At the end of the day, we are creatively expansive individuals. Don’t let the world put you in a box. Embrace ALL that makes you YOU and have your business be a reflection of that. Read more>>

Colin H. Clark | Filmmaker & Coffee shop owner

After college I wanted to get into professional skateboarding but I wasn’t good enough of a skateboarder, so I figured I could film the pros. I went overseas by myself to film the international skateboarding contest circuit. This was before social media, and I would look up dates for events online that were happening in different countries. I had a train pass for the summer and would just show up to these contests, shoot them, and post them to a popular online message board. No one knew me at the time, but my videos had my name at the end of them so after a few events I would introduce myself and people would recognize my name from the videos. It worked, and by the end of the summer I had a job with an online European Skateboard magazine and moved to The Netherlands. Read more>>

Jillian Schmitz | Professional Dancer, Actor, Movement Specialist, Teacher and Author.

Success is a hard marker. However, longevity is tangible. The most important decision I made that contributed to my ‘success’ or rather, longevity, was learning how to be a business person. Not just ‘professional,’ but how to run a business, even though the business was myself. It’s been my experience that business sense or a business foundation for artists, is greater than talent for longevity in a career. In my opinion, combining talent, professionalism and good business is the best recipe for success in an artistic career. Read more>>