We love rebels and people who challenge the status quo, conventional wisdom and mainstream narratives and so we asked some really bright folks to tell us about one piece of conventional advice they disagree with.

Anissa Seymour | Founder, What a Babe! Kids Studio

Before starting our business, so many people told me that I should wait until I was 100% certain everything is ready before opening. I’m a planner and tend to be over-prepared before embarking on something new, but I’ve learned that you can’t wait around for perfection or you’ll never actually start. Nothing will ever be perfect at the beginning. It’s more important to do the very best you can when you open, while always being on the lookout for ways you can improve the business and the customer experience. Be interested in customer and employee feedback and be open-minded about using that feedback to evolve the business. Read more>>

Jody Christopherson | Theater and Filmmaker

A piece of conventional advice I enthusiastically disagree with is, “artists should specialize in one thing, because it’s too difficult to brand yourself if you don’t.” When I was beginning the process of writing and performing and producing my own work I was often told “it’s too much for you to do and it’ll look like a vanity project.” To borrow a phrase from my colleague, Kodi Lynn Milburn, “it’s radical to be be vain in a society that’s constantly telling us not to value ourselves.” Read more>>

Myles Matsuno | Director + Producer

That you should always have a plan in place and set milestones/goals to hit along the way in both business and artistic endeavors. It’s always great to have a vision. That’s needed. But you need to also be flexible. Read more>>

Silvia Cantu | Art Director

I don’t agree with people that think “You should just focus on one thing”. I don’t think you necessarily have to define your area of work that strictly. I’m an Art Director, but I also find myself producing shoots, working on graphic design and illustrations. The most important thing to me, as an artist, is to find your vision, your style. That should be the focus! Creativity can be expressed in so many ways, and people can be multi-talented. I feel like, for some people, being confined in a specific area or defined by just one specific skill might be diminishing and interfere with creative expression. Read more>>

Nesma Nuru | ZIA Co-Founder

“Good things come to those who wait”. I couldn’t disagree with a quote more. I believe if you want something, you do your best to go after it. I can’t fathom the idea of sitting and waiting around for a blessing or idea to fall on my lap. You have to expose yourself to new environments, new people, and ideas to get to that ‘good thing’. Read more>>

Hannah Williams | Designer, Content Creator, Model

The statement “always be hustling” or simply the general idea and notion of hustling being the only key to success. It is no secret that we live in a society that loves an underdog story, a character who has hustled their entire life to come to a climax of success in their life and they claim it is due solely to their constant hustle. In our society we glorify the constant hustle and I hate it. It has created this idea that rest is for the weak, that we should be grinding away at our careers and goals 24/7, putting self-care on the back burner. Read more>>

Loren Cobbs | Culture Curator, Creative Communicator, and DE&I Advocate

That it’s all about innovation, now don’t get me wrong, innovation often leads to us breaking barriers. However, there is also real value, and a lot of time saved, by NOT recreating the wheel. You can learn a lot about your business by following some well-forged paths. Or, at least, learning from others’ experiences. Where did they fail and why? Where did they have breakout success and what did they do to get there? There are some areas of your business where you want to take the sage advice of people who’ve been where you are currently. And other’s where you want to push the envelope and try something new and innovative! The key is to identify the right time for each. Read more>>

Carla Jara | Video Content Producer and Podcaster

Hustling is the best way to make it to the top. Hustle culture is toxic, and as someone who always preached, “hustle, hustle, hustle,” it took the downtime of quarantine to sway my opinion. I didn’t get to where I am by being lazy, but I also got where I am with mental strains and extra anxiety. Mental and physical health is important, and your career can take a pause while you take care of yourself. Sleeping, eating, and a social life shouldn’t be the “treat” after working 80 hours a week on your dream. Those are all part of self-care; things everyone should do often. Food and sleep are fuel to help recharge your body. Set boundaries with your work, whether that’s a 9-5 desk job, or a passion project. Do yourself the greatest favor, and take care of yourself first. Read more>>