We asked some folks we admire to share one piece of conventional advice they disagree with.

Laura E Conley | Life + Weight Loss Coach

That you shouldn’t weigh yourself. The only reason this advice is out there is because as an entire culture we have allowed ourselves to make the scale mean more that it does. We have allowed the number on the scale to measure our worth, our value and our good-enough-ness. The fact is the scale actually can’t measure our worth. And when we let it, we are literally handing over our own authority, we are handing over our own opinion of ourselves, we are allowing a device to tell us who we are and how good we are. I call bull shit! Read more>>

Kristin Yezza | artist

Think outside the box. That idea assumes that the box in itself is not helpful. To me that’s jumping the gun. You should actually start with the box and create the box itself. I draw my box with several parameters including (but not limited to) any physical or spatial limitations, the limitations of my own knowledge, the tools I have access to and the material(s) I am working with. I start with the box. I believe that if you draw the box you want to think within first, you will inevitably find yourself outside of it. Read more>>

Folajimi Famosaya | Photographer

When people say “work smart not hard “ I feel like it’s often misunderstood/ misinterpreted by most. I definitely agree with the idea of working smart but you still have to work hard and especially in the media world you have to work even harder ( put in longer hours , work , effort into your craft ) to either get more work done or improve on your craft. Read more>>

Jessica Ghyvoronsky | Fine Artist

That you have to be a starving artist before you make it. I have a fulltime job that pays me well while I invest into my art career. This takes the pressure off of my art making and keeps my creative voice authentic (I make what I want to make, not because I “have” to). Having a “regular” job while being an artist is one of the many pathways to being a professional artist. I am fully booked out as an artist even with a full time job for the next 2 years, but it took work to get here. Read more>>

Doune Clermont | Creative Director & Graphic Artist

Often, I hear people say things along the lines “A Hustler never sleeps or “Don’t go to sleep until the job is done”. I am a huge fan of ‘resting’ and I completely disagree with both statements. I truly believe sleep is an essential function that allows your mind, body, and soul to regenerate, leaving you refreshed and energized when you start a new day. Sleep is important for every part of my brain, especially important for my imagination. I can recall most of my dreams and those dream assist with my art creations. Plus, I’m nicer to folks without any coffee jk. Read more>>

Killer Beauty by Ligia | Colorist, Cut Stylist & MUA

Well, traditionally when beginning your journey as a Stylist, assisting is a major part of your development. For the up & coming stylist, “You are not unseen, your role has lots of worth, your a stylist all your doing is assisting to learn how to run your chair” – do not be afraid to use your voice, its ok to stand up for yourself, & lastly, anyone telling you to “Not take it personal” is someone who likely will abuse their power. Make sure you find a mentor who respects you back…..then keep growing & never stop learning. Love yourself and be ok with your differences. Oh, & the only person your competing with is yourself, so do not focus on anything but yourself! Read more>>