They say life isn’t about the things that happen to you, but about the decisions you make. There’s a ton of coverage about the best decisions people have made, but not nearly enough conversation about the tough decisions. We asked folks we admire to tell us about the most difficult decision they’ve ever had to make and have shared some of those responses below.

Melanie Penn | Artist and Women’s Heath Advocate

In 2012, I tested positive for a BRCA1 mutation. After five and a half years of biopsies and scares I ultimately elected to undergo a prophylactic bilateral mastectomy in 2018. This surgery was life changing in so many ways and brought my risk of developing breast cancer down from approximately 87% to less than 5%. Read more>>

Marquisa Jones | Creative Entreprenuer & Mother

The most difficult desision I had to make was letting self doubt go and truly beliving in myslef. I feel like we sometimes we are the one thing holding us back. I had to truly belive in myself and the vision. There is no plan b because I will fight each and every day to make this happen. It is difficlut to keep going when you feel like you are not being seen and looking at what others are doing, but if you push through all the self doubt and fear it is light at the end. Read more>>

Bones Mohr | Creative Director

I want to talk about mentorship and the world we live in today. I always wanted to have a mentor; someone to guide me, push me, and console me. I think it’s incredibly important for creatives especially to know someone has their back. I can only speak from my experience but I know that it would’ve helped me through the lowest points of my creative journey. I want to make a distinction between someone who supports you and a mentor. A mentor is someone who has lived the path, understands where you are headed and can help push you to know it is possible. This is a lost art within our time. Read more>>