We asked some of the city’s hidden gems to tell us about what they feel is the most important factor behind their success.

Cara Quant, MD | Internal Medicine Physician and Founder of Viva La Vulva

As a physician and founder of Viva La Vulva, I have gotten where I am from hard work, numerous hours of studying and persistence. But before getting into more details about what habits have helped me to succeed, I must also talk about what I’m passionate about. When I was in high school, my anatomy teacher arranged for the class to experience working with a cadaver (human body donated to science). Read more>>

Stephanie Kelley | Actor/Producer/Writer

I think the biggest habit that has helped me to succeed is to surround myself with people I can learn from and grow with. That isn’t to say surround yourself with people that you think are ‘better than you’ or ‘have succeed more than you, but to constantly surround yourself with others that have high aspirational goals and determination like yourself. Read more>>

Rawlin Jefferson | Stylist | Actor | Model

Forming good habits starts from the development of a healthy routine and lifestyle. Keeping order and organization have always been a big part of my success. Maintaining discipline and sticking to a schedule help with facilitating tasks get done in a timely manner. Eating healthy and staying active help with keeping a positive outlook, maintaining high energy and keeping performance levels stabilized. Read more>>

David Hudson Berger | Musician, Singer-Songwriter, Producer

I’m not sure if this counts as a habit, but I continually evaluate and reestablish my mindset. Perhaps it’s the habit of self-critiquing. Also I like to constantly reshape my own idea of success. When do I actually achieve that? It always is evolving, and sometimes means looking back and saying to myself, “what you just did or are doing is most definitely a form of success. Read more>>

Victoria Sirakova | Photographer

The most important habits for me is never be late. in my practice I prefer to wait a client for 30 min and looking around before I start Read more>>

Dylan Marusich | Artistic Director and Actor

Over time, I have learned that I can trust myself. I trust that I am able to complete my work, I trust in my ability to act and write, and I trust myself to see things through to their completion. Trusting myself helps me battle my irrational anxieties and fears more than anything else. Read more>>

Suah Lee | Illustrator & Background Artist

I believe having diverse habits can lead people to be successful in life. One of the habits of success that I want to share is to have a positive attitude. This is very important thing in your life because it gives you resilience every time when you face an uphill battle. Having positive mind made me better and helped me through challenging times. Especially, during Covid since 2020, I was having difficulties in my career and life. Read more>>

Jason Ragosta | writer, director, & Illustrator

As a creative professional specializing in writing, directing, and illustration, I have survived the last two decades by dialing in a system of habits that keep me inspired and productive. They break down as follows: Read more>> 

Cartrell Daniels | Actor & Music Producer

Consistency. I feel without it, it will be hard to succeed. You can have all the momentum in the world but if you aren’t consistent, at least in the beginning of your entrepreneur journey then you most likely will fail until that area of your work ethic is fixed. Read more>>