You know that feeling where you are so excited about getting up in the morning because you just can’t wait to get to work? Some folks will think that sentence is insane, but others know exactly what we’re talking about. We asked some of them to tell us why they love what they do so much.

Mark Harari | Celebrity Trainer & Fitness Studio Owner

Fitness training allows me to combine several of my passions into one common goal. People. Motivation. Creativity. And Change. I’m not someone who can sit behind a desk from 9a – 5p and be happy. Understand, there’s NOTHING wrong with that lifestyle! I’ve done it…and if I had to do it again, of course I would. But for me, happiness comes in the day to day interactions with other people. I like the socialization aspect of teaching fitness classes and building relationships with my clients. I look at them as friends, and I’m excited to see them each day! Read more>>

Marlo (Lola) Ryan | Integrative Health Coach & Usui Reiki Practitioner

I love helping clients reach their full potential. What I love the most is a client’s reaction to reaching the goals they defined on their own timeline. Clients are more confident, positive and happy having accomplished the goals they defined. Read more>>

Donta Morrison | Community Change Agent & Host

Why do I love what I do? The answer is easy. As host of The Donta Show I am blessed with the opportunity to bring people together for engaging and informative dialogue. I love being able to provide a platform that strengthens connectedness between persons from all walks of life. It is enriching and important. Over the years my audience has expand greatly. The journey has connected me with some amazing energies and I have grown immensely as a person, and brand. Read more>>

Stacy Ines | Stand-Up Comedian & Actress

I absolutely love what I do. Stand-Up and Voice Acting has challenged me to creatively leap outside my comfort zone. These platforms allow me to express myself freely and granted me the ability to be myself and say, “Welp. This is me.” It’s like reading your diary to a bunch of strangers without having to pay a therapist. People often tell me they’ve always wanted to try Stand-Up. Read more>>

Nan Rae | Artist, Author, Lecturer & Teacher

I wonder if it’s possible to be truly happy without a sense one is fulfilling their purpose. For me, my greatest joy as an artist has been teaching, especially when a student will look at me intently and say ‘It’s not about the art… is it?’ Being able to give people the ability to express themselves in a new way opens them up to a fuller, richer life. Now that we’ve all been sent to our rooms with the chance to contemplate our life’s journey, I can no longer hold classes at the Huntington Botanical Gardens or in my studio. Read more>>

Taylor DeCosta | Chef & Business Owner

I love what I do because it allows me to explore all the parts of my personality. I get to be creative when I do catering events. I get to nurture and take care of people through my healthy meal delivery service. Through growing this business I’ve been able to be a mentor, give back to my community, provide for my family and so much more. I love that every day my job as a business owner presents something new and exciting. Read more>>

Robin Taylor | Music Artist & Content Creator

I love making music and being a content creator because I have the opportunity to be a positive influence on people. I have a creative personality and through music and creating content I have the opportunity to express myself in unique ways. I love inspiring others to think outside of the box and showing them that living the life you love is possible. Read more>>

Jodi Bonassi | Contemporary L.A. Artist

My art practice helps me to face insurmountable trials and tribulations that life can present. Hours of drawing and painting quiets the mind and the body. Painting helps me to handle the stresses of life by transferring it into the paint. I can also express the joys of life experiences too. Each work of art is also a learning experience and a way to record life situations about people and the world. Read more>>

Julianna Poldi | Abstract Mentor & Coach

I love facilitating the freedom, liberation and pure joy that abstract painting brings. I love creating a sense of empowerment through accomplishment and professionalism. I love the independence and unlimited possibilities that come with discovering one’s creative impulse. What I do is like play and yet, it is profoundly transformational. It’s all about the connection. I love providing a safe space for students to explore their creative potential. Witnessing students transform as their confidence grows, and as their paintings reveal their unique mark in a masterful way, is pure joy. Read more>>

Linda Chau | Founder

Public relations (PR) is an addictive industry to be in. As the world constantly evolves, this industry evolves with it, which can be stressful at times but keeps it very exciting. PR allows me to work with and learn about various industries while interacting with different types of people daily. Creativity plays such an important role in PR and gives me a space for innovation. The power of storytelling is truly incredible. What I love most is helping a company find its voice by defining the story behind the brand and then making that story compelling to a broader audience. Read more>>

Ana Gutierrez Padilla | Sugar Artist

I’m an artist and I love being able to express myself creatively through edible art. My passion has always been art so being able to create daily has been a blessing. Growing up I used to love to draw and paint but I rarely had the time. I started baking when I had my daughter so I love the flexibility of a home business. I have my own schedule, taking care of my daughter while doing something that I love. It’s not always easy because edible art can be very time consuming with long hours through the night, but the creative process is so rewarding! Read more>>