A host of factors, developments, and dynamics have made most industries more competitive than ever. As a result so many of us wonder whether there is still such a thing as work-life balance. We reached out to the community to hear perspectives on finding the right balance.

Carla Avalos | Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Finding work-life balance is a continuous learning experience for me even now for numerous reasons. As a first-generation Latina being born and raised by a single Salvadoran immigrant mother in Los Angeles , I grew up with the mentality of always hustling to achieve my goals and continuously giving my full attention to any of the jobs that I had. Read more>>

Lynna Yee | Actor & Voice Talent

When I first started, I did not allow myself to have life outside of acting. My life was all about classes, volunteering and rehearsing for my theater company, and casting-director workshops and mailing marketing materials. Read more>> 

DaVaughn Moná | Model + Makeup Artist

Whew, so this has been the one that’s most challenging. I’ve recently realized that I don’t have much balance I’m either all in or all out, and extremist really. So, I’ve been working on this. What helps me most and when I perform my best in any and all things is when I take the time to pour into myself first, this starts with my morning routine. Read more>>

Taelor Breaux | Health and Wellness Coach

I’ve always been a grounded person, but not so much balanced. When I took the time to sort out my work life, business, and personal life, is when I started to learn balance. I’m still working on becoming better at it each day. I write down my goals and task that I need to do for the week and the entire month, in order for me to remain balanced. Balance for me is, being able to have a smooth daily routine with no stress. Read more>>

Princess Sarah Culberson | Founder of Nonprofit Sierra Leone Rising, DEI&B Speaker, and Author

I believe work and life balance is extremely important for our wellbeing. At the beginning of my career, all I wanted to do was work, and I felt guilty going out of town for a vacation because I was worried I would miss something. Read more>>

Logesh and Rachel Kumaar | YouTubers – Kumaar Family

Since we both work full time jobs outside of content creating, work life balance can be really difficult! I think a huge part of finding the balance is incorporating our everyday life into our content. Instead of trying to keep everything in neat little boxes, we are able to share our everyday simple life with others! Read more>>

Phoebe Wang | Visual Development Artist & Illustrator

When I first started college straight out of high school, I had no work life balance—it was all work and no life. Sure, I was a hardworking student and to be honest, I was very competitive and wanted my art to be the best I could possibly make it, but I didn’t understand the value of health and rest. Read more>>

Kiwa Kim | tattoo artist

As a tattoo artist, it is not always easy to balance life and work. It is difficult for me not to give my all to my work because I am so passionate about my tattooing career and want to provide the best tattoos to my clients. Read more>>

Monique Valle | Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (#1247), Certified QTAP (Queer & Trans Affirming Professional), Supervised by Mindy Derseweh, LMFT (#113917), and Employed by Jacqueline Plante, LMFT (#91084) & Traci Medeiros-Bagan, LMFT (#86600) At Gather & Grow, Orange County

My balance has shifted and evolved and continues to be a work in progress. In grad school, I was an expert in compartmentalization -when I was studying or working on a project, nothing else existed outside of that. Read more>>

baddJazz | Band

Work life balance is a juggling act between our day jobs, baddjazz, and our personal relationships. This means admitting we need practice, making time for it, and being present. A good day for us is killing it at work, having dinner with the missus, and still finding the time to practice or perform. Read more>>

Kissa Ortega | Entrepreneur & Business Coach

Looking back on my career as an entrepreneur, I would have self-diagnosed myself as a workaholic. I had zero work life balance and found myself obsessed with work. I would wake up in the middle of the night because I forgot to do something during my work day. I would only come home to shower, sleep, and get ready for the next day. All I could think, talk, and share about was work and business. Read more>>

Louisa Rocque | Executive Director and TEDx Speaker

If I told you that I have 7 different full-time jobs, would you believe me? That’s roughly 280 hours a week. No… you don’t believe me? Well, what if I told you, that you also have more jobs than you think? Read more>>