What’s the right balance between work and non-work time? The traditional 9-5 has slowly disappeared with the emails and zoom and texting going far beyond traditional business hours. We asked members of our community to share with us how they think about work-life balance.

Lucie Shearer | Muralist & Illustrator

Understanding that there *could* be a balance between “work” and “life” wasn’t something I considered until recently. I always thought my life could be my work, and my work could be my life. I’m a millennial so I was inundated from birth with the idea that “if you follow your passion, you won’t work a day in your life”. So I easily confused work with life. For a long time, my focus has been on my creative career goals, because I thought that would be a key to my happiness. Read more>>

Matisse Azul Rainbolt | Professional Ballet Folklorico Dancer & Content Creator

I have always been one to work until I physically and mentally can’t anymore. It’s exhausting, but I love what I do and it was what I thought I needed to do to be successful in life. I was working 16-22 hour days, filled with practice, rehearsals, filming content, going to photoshoots, doing homework for school, being on set, etc., and it got to the point that I couldn’t do it anymore because I became so physically ill that I couldn’t even walk. I had to learn how to balance work and life the hard way because I basically forced myself into it. Read more>>

Jessie Mahon | Visual Artist

In the last two years I went from working over 40 hours a week painting sets for theater, TV, and events as a scenic artist in New York City to working for myself at home with no fixed schedule in Los Angeles (a big shift, some would say). Working for myself has been a dream come true. I remember not really having a sense of balance at all when I lived in New York because I would work for 9-12 hours a day, take the train home to Brooklyn, and feel so exhausted I barely had the energy to do anything else. Read more>>

Prince Ahmad | Soapmaker and Special Education Teacher

sometime it feels like I don’t have a life. I am also a special education teacher so I do that Monday through Friday 9 to 5. I do my business when I get home I also attend every market on Saturdays and Sundays. The key to my balance has been my business does not feel like a job. It really does and it’s become my creative outlet where I am able to express myself. There are things that I do do to make sure that I am staying stress-free and have a well balanced life. Read more>>

Myles Clohessy | Director-Writer-Producer

It’s such an interesting question because for me there is no balance. It may sound crazy to some (especially my ex’s) but it isn’t to me. I absolutely love what I do. I wake up every day so excited to get to “work”. Because work for me is just making movies. Creating stories. And ever since I was a kid that’s all I’ve ever wanted to do, was direct films, make movies. So my work-life balance is pretty fluid. It’s one in the same. I think over time too, as I’ve gotten more into solely directing films, the work aspects of my life have certainly increased. Read more>>

Jesse Blue Eads | Musician

My work is a huge part of my life, so I don’t really think much about balancing those as if they’re separate; keeping work good and fun is just another part of keeping life good and fun. I would not have pursued music if I didn’t have faith that the fun parts would outweigh the un-fun parts, and that the un-fun parts would ultimately be good. That’s part of the beauty of an artistic career; there’s a holistic sort of cycle where creativity, resources, community, all those sorts of things feed back into each other as a complete and rich lifestyle. Read more>>

Miguel Melo | Writer/Filmmaker

At the beginning of my career, I was so passionate to become an artist that I built my entire life to serve my professional development and work. I was studying performing arts half of the day and rehearsing, auditioning, working, and exercising the other half. As I started working professionally in the industry, it only worsened. I was completely focused on my career. It’s very rewarding to hustle and achieve your goals but my intentions started to pivot after some time, and soon enough I was focused on the wrong things. Read more>>

Georgia Geminder | Founder & CEO of GEM Oral Care

Balance is one thing I am trying to manage at the moment! Weekdays start at 6am, with a coffee from my fiancé. Our dog Hank comes with us for a morning walk around the block then it’s off to Barry’s Boot Camp or to see my trainer Dan for a good workout and that’s all fit into my mornings before getting into the office around 9am. Read more>>

Almog Avidan Antonir | Writer & Director

My work life balance is something I’ve given a lot of thought over the last several years. I used to work all the time, going to my computer first thing in the morning and working through the late evening or sometimes even into the night. I would also attempt to juggle too many projects simultaneously, which would take a toll on my mental health. I took pride in the fact that I was too busy, as if my packed work schedule was somehow a measure of my success. Over the last few years, however, I realized that this approach was causing a spike in my stress levels, and sometimes even hindered my relationships. Read more>>

Todd Kniss | Writer, Creator

Short and sweet…having kids. I started working on my passion project (For Blood Or Justice) over 10 years ago. During that span I went from being single and living in a beachside apartment, to being married, buying and remodeling a home, and having two children. In short, I went from having plenty of free time and was beholden to no one, to desperately trying to find thirty precious minutes of solitude to write, edit or otherwise be creative. The struggle is real. But I will say that I am a better artist now, partly due to age, but mostly due to living a much richer life. Joy and sadness are now more profound. Read more>>

Remy Levy | ARTIST

I thought this question was quite interesting. You have to work and you must have a life so where’s the balance come in play!? For me it’s all about time , routine, and action. Time is not to be toyed with. As we grow older, your able to internalize the value of time and understand your assignment on earth. When it’s your time, it’s your time… Read more>>

Liga Mikaele | Mom & Business owner

Being a stay at home mom to a 1 year old & a 1 month old while also trying to run a business has had its difficulties, but I’m built for it. I’m constantly multitasking for example, I’ll be making my products while making a bottle at the same time ahah my brain is everywhere almost everyday, it’s challenging but so worth it. This journey with raising a family while building a business definitely makes me a stronger women and I’ve gained much more patience then I had ever had. Read more>>

Julia Latkins | Creative director

A topic about balance is definitely number one in my highlights, especially when it comes to a discussion with my friends. At the first sign, it looks pretty obvious and easy to accomplish. Ideally, all of us have to find a way to balance in between all our life needs. Are you familiar with the psychological term ‘The Wheel of Life’? You can draw a circle on a piece of paper and place all the things that matter to you in life. It can be a career, travels, health, sport, love, parenthood, education, any hobbies, hangouts with friends, family, etc. Read more>>