We had the good fortune of connecting with Binal Naik and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Binal, how do you think about risk?
Yes, risk-taking is important. However, as a business owner, one needs to have certain faith and that faith helps you go forward while taking a risk in your business. Avoiding risk is also a very important part of running a business. Some risk I avoided and some I embraced to grow my business. There were many upsides and some downsides with my business from the very beginning. I started with the base of threading eyebrows at the shampoo Bowl at Hair Salon Studio at Tustin. My qualification was limited to Eyebrows Threading and a Henna Artist. Being new in the salon, I had to be very careful about not disturbing the seasoned beauty artist and still manage to take walking clients for the eyebrows threading services. It took me a while to prove myself and the potential I carry to the owner of the salon. But after 3 months of hard work and persuasion, I earned my own threading chair at the salon. As a salaried employee of the salon, this honor I earned proved my potential and skill set suitable for the beauty service industry. Then, it came the time for me to take a risk. On top of being a salaried employee at the salon, I started working on Commission at Salon Ritz, Tustin. This helped me grow my client base. As the demand for my services grew from my loyal clients, the more educational study was required. Within 3 months, I joined a part-time school and finished the Esthetician Course from Hair California Beauty Academy. I achieved my Esthetician License on May 30th 2015 from Barbering and Cosmetology State of California. After Licensed, at the Salon Ritz, still, on a commission basis, I established my own Waxing/Facial room, where I started providing Waxing, Facial, High-Frequency Treatment, LED Light Treatment. As a part of the continued education, I learned about Individual and Clustered Eyelash Extensions. It was quite challenging as it requires working on client’s eyelashes which is very risky. But gradually, I learned and got better at it. Hairstyles and Makeup Certification was another step that I took. Later, I extended my services to clients’ makeover for Graduation, Prom, Birthday, Weddings, Baby shower, Photo shoots, and Corporate Events as well. Everything was going smooth and busy which anyone would love to have in business. My skincare services, wedding services were keeping me productively occupied and boosting my confidence by leaps and bounds. But as they say, you will always get challenges in your life and everything smooth may not be there for long in the business, something unexpected happened which I did not have control over. Last year in August, the salon I had been with for 5 years, closed down due to some issues. I had two choices- either to open a new salon or move to another one. As per my risk capacity, I decided to move to the next door Nail Salon. This time I took one more step by Renting a Threading Chair and Facial/Waxing room for my Business instead of working as a Commission Base. It was, yes, a big challenge due to paying fixed rent every month without an assurance of business at the new salon. Now, whether I serve the clients and earn money at the salon or not, I have to pay the rent for sure. I had faith in my skills, quality of my service, my work experience and my valuable regular clients. I was quite right. Also, a positive attitude is the most important factor that I have noticed works during testing times. Having faith within is the key to reach the destination for sure.

Alright, so for those in our community who might not be familiar with your business, can you tell us more?
The name of my business is Love Aum Henna Creation/ Aum Skin Care. I specialize in Henna, Threading, Waxing, Facial, Eyelash Extension, Hairstyle, Makeup, Massages, and Canvas Henna Painting. I really feel honored and humbled when I see a smile on my client’s face because they put their hard-earned money for my quality service. I try my best to provide the service in a prompt manner. Since I meet a lot of people every day, I know how busy they are and how they manage their time with family, work and social life. I try to respect their request for getting service done on time with quality instead of quantity. I feel it is each customer’s right to get the best professional service for what they pay for. Whenever I go for a wedding order or birthday party order, the only thing I pray to God is, to help me provide them with the best service I can, to make their function successful. Client’s satisfaction is the number one priority for me. If any success happens without struggle, it would look too good to be true! Of course, I had hurdles which I have learned a lot from for sure. My journey started from India to the USA, from Accounting to Taxation to Salon Spa. In detail, I did my graduation from India in Business. After coming to the USA, I tried to continue going forward with Accounting but could not succeed in either CPA Exams or GMAT entrance for Master Program. Finding a job due to not having enough USA Education and work experience was not helping me either. It seemed I have no qualification that can be utilized for any Business Accounting firm. Losing confidence and self-motivation made me not concentrate on my family or my 2 years old son. To make myself more active and productive, I started doing threading eyebrows and a Henna artist job at Fullerton Salon. I still tried another 2 years for accounting, taxation related careers but without success. Finally, I started to work on a commission basis for my own business at Salon Ritz in Tustin CA, in a different location. It was a Hair Salon. I started as an Eyebrow Threading Service and a Henna Artist. When I started working at the Salon, there was a lot of resistance at home because it was not considered reputable and looked down upon in accounting comparison, but I stood my ground. I don’t know from where I gathered the courage to fight the stigma associated with a Salon job? I am glad I did because this work means the world to me. I slowly started to build my clientele. It inspired me to grow more with Skin Care Professional. I started as a part-time student at Hair California and Beauty Academy. I did not have an interest in cutting hair, so joined to be a licensed Esthetician. The journey from School to get the licence was not easy of course. That does not mean it was hard because of working at the salon, home, school; but the real issue was committing to becoming an Esthetician, sticking to it and getting a license. It was an issue just like my previous years. From CPA to GMAT exams, from Geology exams to Accounting jobs, I engaged in relentless pursuit of finding an identity, a career for. My personal life was also in a dire situation. After the Divorce, becoming a single parent was another hidden hard step that I was not aware of much. Myself. Those years were tough and my heart was heavy. When too many doors close, it is difficult not to sink. However, I cannot forget the day I got my Esthetician License. That is when I realized what it means to cry out of joy. Now I have a Facial/Waxing Room at Salon Ritz. With Skincare services, I got certified as an Individual Eyelash Extension. The Makeup Artist and Hairstylist Certification were very useful to grow more in my business but yes, without practice, you cannot get hold of valuable clients in the service industry. I was very blessed that I was able to get enough strength to not sway from working hard. All Social media, Youtube, was a big jump to guide me the new trend in the market which I try practicing. In the service industry, customer service is an essential part. I try my best to give my best service to my clients. Everything was going smooth but as you know, challenges come to your path without notice. Suddenly, we got the notice at the salon that it will get closed in 5 days. No other communication or anything, it made me feel lost and depressed. I had questions facing me- Where to go now? What to do now? After 5 days, a new salon search began and at the end, I decided to move to the next door at Nails Luv Salon. Now, I rent at Nails Luv salon a Threading Chair and Waxing/Facial Room. I took a risk of paying a monthly certain fixed amount of rent. By taking risks, it gives me a better opportunity to concentrate more towards the wedding Henna, Hairstyle and Makeup Events.

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?
I will be more than excited to show the Beautiful Places to Hang out, Dining in Orange County. • Day 1: Pack the bags and head to Disneyland to get kids, and youngsters satisfied. After spending a day, head to Nice Dining at Inchin’s Bamboo Garden, 3850 Barranca Pway Unit 0-A Irvine, CA 92606. They have Indo Chinese, Indian, Cocktail Bars. Their Soup, Noodles, Fried rice is so delicious. • Day 2: Pack the hats and sunscreen and some sandwiches, Spending some time strolling and small hikes. I would love to take my friend to the best Hike. Las Ramblas Trail, 32400 Paseo Adelanto, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675. It has the best view through the freeway, Sun rise and Sun Set brings up the best feeling ever. • Day 3: Easy day, watching movies at AMC Tustin 14 at The District, 2457 Park Ave., Tustin CA. Lunch or Dinner both will be the good option at “The Yellow Chilli”, 2463 Park Ave Irvine, CA 92782. The Yellow Chilli is very famous for their Indian Sweets, Veg. Non Veg. Dishes, and Full Bar. It has the great ambiance too. There are really good Shopping mall at Fashion Island Mall at Newport Beach which is 15 minutes drive from Tustin City. 401 Newport Center Dr., Newport Beach, ca 92660. • Day 4: If I talk about the beaches, it is awesome everywhere but less crowded I would prefer to go which is Oceanside Beaches, San Clemente Beach. You feel Clean and refresh each time you visit. 339 W Paseo de Cristobal, San Clemente, CA 92672. Again the Lunch or Dinner at “Thai Palace SC” is my favorite. 1021 Avenida Pico San Clemente, CA 92673. • Day 5: Soak City is good for all age group. After having whole day fun, I would like to take my friend to the nice dining Place in City of Cerritos. “El Rocoto”, 11433 South St, Cerritos CA 90703. It has the best Peruvian Food. • Day 6: I would spend easy to have my friend roam around close by location which is unique. I would drive her to the Best Indian pioneer street to show the “hub” 😊, “Podi Dosa”, 17607 Pioneer Blvd, Artesia, CA 90701, amazing Podi Dosa Dish, Chili Paneer. “Jay Bharat” 18701 Pioneer Blvd, Artesia, CA 90701, their, “Undhiyu”, West Indian – Gujarati Dish is so delicious. Podi Dosa and Jay Bharat are the best for Lunch, Dinner. How can I forget the best Ice Cream Parlor? I cannot leave Pioneer area without having the yummy Ice Cream from “Saffron Spot” 18744 Pioneer Blvd, Artesia, CA 90701. Their Mango Yogurt Shakes, Almond Milk Shake, Kulfi Kreme Ice Cream are the Best! • Day 7: If my friend is upto it, would like to them to Big bear or San Diego day trip.

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
Firstly, my shout out is for my family, of course, my friends and loved ones who have been there for all the time. The positive ambience is much more in need for any new or current achievements. There is some invisible force that keeps me going and guiding me in the right direction, you can say, it is our God’s blessing, family and loved one’s blessing. The things fall in place whether I need to be with my son for his school or extracurricular activities, I am able to adjust the timing which is a blessing for me. Moreover, I must remember my first 2 salon managers who gave me the opportunity to serve real people for the experience. My co stylists were supportive; I cannot forget them who boost my confidence more by appreciating my henna talent. I joined Dr. Seema Chaudhry’s OC Indian Women WhatApp and Facebook group due to one of my friend’s guidance. I met many wonderful ladies who supported me by giving me the opportunity to serve them the best. Through contacts, I joined OCWTW (Orange County Women to Women) by Vaishali Surve. My very first event was at “Our Indian Culture” organized by Akshita Khurana Sharma. I cannot miss such supportive organizations that bring the community together. Last but not least, my valuable customers who refer their friends and family which raises my self-assurance even higher to serve the best.

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