There’s a ton of research around how setting habits can help us conserve energy because it reduces the number of decisions we have to make in a day.  However, not all habits are created equal and so we’ve asked our community to tell us about the habits they have been most effective for them.

Ali-Han Ibragimov | Visionary

Studying The Greats: What’s a better place to learn than from the people that are masters of their craft? We’re so blessed to be living in an era where we have such easy, on-demand access to information, that almost anybody on this planet can damn near build a whole education course for themselves taught by the best of the best. Even though I never knew him personally, I always say that Kobe is like a mentor to me, because I’ve learned so much from listening to his interviews, documentaries, watching him play, listening to others talk about him, his philosophies, routines, habits, and so much more. Mamba Mentality has been like a manual to me. When I’m talking about studying the greats, I’m not only talking about individuals, I’m also talking about organizations. Apple, Disney & Nike are some of the companies I admire & study all the time. Read more>>

Debbie Bean | Stained Glass Artist

I always have something that I am working towards on my calendar. In the beginning, I applied to multiple events and pop ups before I really had the inventory to do so and was surprised when I was accepted to all of them. It forced me to constantly work on my designs and think about my work in ways I might not have otherwise plus it gave me facetime with my customers, so I was constantly receiving feedback about my work. Read more>>

Christina YR Jun | Screenwriter & Director

Many people in the filmmaking profession initially focus on cultivating their voice and building their creative identity. Of course, understanding your own sensibilities and creative instinct is absolutely vital. But I do believe it’s only a fraction of what you need to be successful. The other part is all about work ethic and consistency. This doesn’t just refer to how many hours you put into your work but also a process that you’ve matured through a lot of trial and error. To be successful, you not only need to understand what stories are right for you but also what you realistically need in order to best tell that story. If you have a solid process in place, you will be able to judge whether a project/collaboration has the right elements (budget, timeline, creative support) to allow you to deliver your best work. Read more>>

Zahabiyah Yamasaki

Amidst the overwhelm of a relentless work schedule, my mindfulness meditation practice has indirectly taught me is to passionately take in moments of joy. To hold them and honor them, in the moment, just as they are. To cherish them and savor them. And to let that part of the practice spill over into all aspects of my life- serving as a continual resource and in many cases: capacity and resilience builder. ⁣I believe this is one of the non-traditional habits that have sustained me in my trauma work. I have a habit of overworking which has been a symptom of my trauma and I am often propelled into hyperarousal which doesn’t always lend itself to restorative breaks. But ever since I stopped treating meditation as another thing I needed to fit into my schedule, it has shifted the way I live my life, the day to day, and all aspects of my world. Read more>>

GG Benitez | CEO, GG Benitez and Assoc. PR & Co-Founder

Follow through! I have systems in place to ensure that all items, both for my business and in my personal like, are followed through upon in a timely fashion, as I value my reputation being an ultimate professional with integrity, who “follows through” on my word. Read more>>

Easton Miller | Artist, Curator & Owner

I feel like this might seem obvious, but I think that the definition of success is something that should be ever changing. Being able to take what might be self-perceived as a failure at one point, and then using that new found knowledge as a tool moving forward is incredibly helpful. I also try to hold myself to the highest standards I can, and to surround myself with people who do the same. Having an active dialogue with other driven/intelligent/hilarious/creative people that you respect is crucial. Even though there is a negative aspect to this tendency, I place a lot of value on being truly critical of who I am, who I am capable of being, and what I bring into the world. With all that said, nothing is more important than genuinely believing in the projects that you choose to spend your time and energy on. Read more>>

Mauricio Espinosa | Architect

I think embellishments can be blissful. When I was a kid, I remember drawing our family dog. Just a simple piece of paper, and a graphite pencil. That was it. My first drawing was not great, the legs were disproportioned, her head was strange. It looked nothing like her and it was something I was not proud of. I remember trying again, and again, and again. After a while my dog’s face became somewhat more legible, the body and legs towards the right proportion and scale. She was beginning to become something on the page. At that point, I started to develop a way of looking at her, and finding portions that I knew would render well on the page. Read more>>