There’s a ton of research around how setting habits can help us conserve energy because it reduces the number of decisions we have to make in a day. However, not all habits are created equal and so we’ve asked our community to tell us about the habits they have been most effective for them.

Greta Gamble | Business Development and Operations Manager at Here And Now Agency

I really feel that my organization has gotten me so far. It really helps not forgetting small details and making sure that you’re prepared for whatever comes your way in this business. I write down absolutely everything not just in my phone but in a paper planner as well, and I also outline my days so that I can block out time for certain tasks and calls. Not only does this help HANA run smoothly, it helps my headspace as well so I know nothing is slipping through the cracks. Read more>>

Pat Knox | Music Artist

Solid work ethic and motivation are a must, but I think resiliency is key. What I mean is being able to believe in yourself and keep your efforts going strong, even when you’re not getting positive reinforcement. In fact, you might even get told what you’re doing is wack or wrong. The point is to maintain the same focused energy and confidence you started with, and don’t let the inevitable negative energy shake you. Understand that there’s going to be a lot more obstacles and adversity than rewards, and that you should learn to value and welcome all of your failures along the way. Going through hardships and struggle means you’re also growing and leveling up, so it’s definitely worth getting used to for me. I learned to love myself more during those times along with practicing other mental and physical health exercises. This helps me to keep perspective and appreciate what I have when times look bleak. Read more>>

Damon D’Amore | C-Suite Performance Specialist & Crisis Leadership Mentor

Goal setting. I have a very specific process developed over the years for setting, measuring and taking steps towards accomplishing goals. In order for a goal to be worthy of pursuing and therefore worthy of your time, energy, and whatever tradeoffs you will need to make in pursuit of that goal it should meet three fundamental criteria. Is the goal: * Binary – Is there a definite and specific outcome? If you accomplish or fail will it be clear without question? * Measurable – Are there ways to measure your progress along the way? Can the goal be broken into smaller steps to both allow for accountability to yourself or a mentor/stakeholder and keep you motivated as you progress through the steps? * Actionable – Are you capable of accomplishing or at least beginning the work to accomplish that goal? Do you currently have the necessary resources? And, if not, are you able to acquire those resources? Finally I think about the consequences of NOT accomplishing a goal. If the potential feelings of regret outweigh the potential feelings of accomplishment then it is a goal worth pursuing and making tradeoffs in work and life to accomplish. Read more>>

Artur Lago-V. | Actor & Creative Producer

The best habit that keep motivating me to create my work is the habit of training. As a dancer and martial artist, I had to learn that without the habit of routinely training there would be no improvement. I use the same logic to the habit of developing my creative film projects with my team. Read more>>

Ruben / #TAG Karapetyan | Creator / Artist

I think that at the basis of success in my case is the joy of life, the daily enjoyment of the creative process, and the process of development that I went through and continue to go through. If we invest our energies in what we love despite the complexities along the way, we are probably doing the right thing. The second thing is discipline. Creating a daily routine is an integral part of where I am today. Working against times, facing goals, daily self-work, and working on a mindset like meditation, exercise, podcasts, and books are an integral part of a process that helped me be where I am today. Ego Our ego can stop our progress towards the goal if we decline to accept criticism from the environment. Along the way, I remain open to new ideas, if need not be ashamed to ask for advice, and most importantly, stay humble and keep moving towards the goal and work hard. And of course, one last thing and above all, remembering and taking everything on limited warranty and realizing that what failed today can succeed tomorrow and in a BIG TIME. I LOVE THIS GAME. Read more>>

Eduardo Iván Muñoz | Film/Theater Director & Photographer

Definitely time management, having a calendar, and working on my passion projects every single day are habits that have opened doors for me. Read more>>

Laura Smith | Professional Organizer

I have always tried to surround myself with people who are more experienced than I am, so that I can learn as much as possible from them. Seeing what others have done and can do encourages me to take action on moving myself and my business up to another level. Read more>>