There’s a ton of research around how setting habits can help us conserve energy because it reduces the number of decisions we have to make in a day. However, not all habits are created equal and so we’ve asked our community to tell us about the habits they have been most effective for them.

Jacob Dunn | Sow Eden Brand Founder

I think that the most important factor behind the success of my brand, Sow Eden, is that it embodies, first and foremost, the love of the cannabis, or hemp plant, and its incredible healing potential. I have a deep connection to the plant, and I have personally seen its therapeutic properties work wonders for both close family members and our growing customer base. I originally got involved with CBD in 2014, in order to help my grandfather deal with some health issues caused by a kidney transplant and subsequent pharmaceutical drug use. My mother was also diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2018, and CBD helped her tremendously during chemotherapy and more advanced stages of the disease. We have also helped countless other people dealing with anxiety disorders, depression, pain, cancer, and a myriad of other health conditions. Read more>>

Marc Hildebrand | Online PUSH + LIFE coach & Law Enforcement Officer

The biggest factor behind my success has to do with mastering my mindset. What’s funny, is how I used to always be able to talk myself out of doing anything. Most of the time I would make it appear like I was doing myself and others a favor by NOT doing something I know I needed to. I realized I could take charge of those thoughts which would in turn get me to show up and take action instead. So instead of thinking I didn’t have the time, I would ask myself, “How could I make the time?” Instead of thinking of fear of failure as a bad thing, I’d remind myself “This is an important part of the process. The people who have the most success are the ones who feel fear but do it anyway.” And “There are only two outcomes that could happen if I do this. One is I succeed the first time. Two I will learn from it.” Most of the times I’ve found failure is a better teacher, and is more often than not the reason why people pay me so I can teach them how to do that themselves! Read more>>

Mark Williams | Producer, Writer, Engineer, Mixer and Tinkerer.

Dedication. Dedication to the artist’s songs, comfort level, aesthetic and details. I take every artist whom I work with very seriously. Creating any form of art can be quite vulnerable. Really taking time to listen and understand what the artist wants out of their recording and their aesthetic is paramount. I never understood producers who muscle in and try to forge “their” sound on a songwriter. I find that approach counterintuitive. I really enjoy establishing a relationship of trust and comfort. Like anything in life, it is important to find a good balance of listening, experimenting and knowing when to push an artist, but always pushing in a positive, motivational way. Read more>>

Kierstin Benitez | Owner of Bark Orlando

I would say the most important factor, which i’m sure everyone says, is staying true to yourself. I do not bend to make things work. I believe in myself and what i have created and it keeps growing and becomes more successful everyday. I always knew when i had a team that i would treat them the way i always wish i was treated. They are truly what makes my business run. They keep this business running smooth, which makes the clients happy. That is the biggest role in the success and opportunities that have been created. Read more>>

Hilary Gudgel | Baker

I believe the success of my business is directly related to how much care I put into each step of the process. Starting with sourcing the best ingredients and materials, each and every cookie is baked and decorated with care and a passion for perfection. From my initial meeting with clients to the delivery of their custom treats there are no shortcuts. Read more>>

Scott Sternberg | Emmy Award-Winning Executive Producer

I really had no idea what I first started in this career where it would lead me. I was young and did not know much. Listening and watching became the factor for me. I was lucky enough to start at the very bottom and there I would take in everything I could. I went to different lectures, events and asked a lot of questions. I also watched all the people around me. From other PA’s to writers, to producers, to coordinators, to make-up and hair people, art directors, wardrobe designers and more. I sucked it all in and everyone of them was generous in letting me either ask questions or let me be a fly on the wall. By experiencing all this helped me map out of my journey which is still in progress. Read more>>

Shane Foster | Professional Winner

Self-discipline combined with honesty have opened countless doors for me. Read more>>

Project Love Apparel | Apparel Company

The most important factor behind the success of Project Love Apparel is to spread awareness in regards to Self Love and Mental Health. It is our mission to share with others that they are not alone. There is so much going on in the world today it can be overwhelming. Our goal is to build a community that supports each other and helps to build each other up. If we sell some apparel in the process then we have succeeded. Read more>>