We asked some of the city’s most brilliant and creative minds to tell us about the most difficult decision they’ve had to make.

Kalen Isreal | Mother & Creative Entrepreneur

The most difficult decision I’ve ever made was divorcing my son’s father and becoming a single mother. I grew up in a 2 parent household with 3 siblings. So I knew at an early age I never wanted to raise a child alone. Especially a black boy in a society that despises their very existences. My business, Mother’s Desk, launched 7 months after my son was born and 2 months later I was back home, with a baby, in my parents spare room. I felt ashamed. Read more>>

Jazmyne Futrell | Mom of five & Mommy Blogger

To let go of other’s opinions. To do what I feel is the right thing for me and my family no matter if I have the support of others. For all too long I held myself back and didn’t pursue my dreams / desires because that wasn’t what I was supposed to do. Per society, me being a mom means my kids come first. My family is my new dream, the old me has died. And I let that mentality keep me from doing more. From chasing after the things I loved. Read more>>

Roman Maldonado | Actor

For me the most difficult decision i had to make was to not return to my 9-5 job so i can pursue my acting career knowing that in this field nothing is guaranteed. This was right after the pandemic which i know did effect a lot of people including myself so i was worried about not returning however focusing on acting was something that i wanted to make my top priority. Read more>>

Andres Felipe Alvarez Barbosa | Mobility/ Transport Designer

I have always been a very friendly easy-going person, some have even called me passive, I have always believed that if you are young, you should be respectful and learn from your elders, parents, and teachers; after all they have had more life experiences than you and have committed mistakes that you can avoid. So, it was very shocking not only to my family, university friends and teachers when I openly defied them, and when threated with failing my final semester and thesis, I did not stand down and called their bluff. A decision that today I do not regret, but rather marks an important transition from listening and learning to proposing and executing. Read more>>

Sophia Antoine | Life Coach + Consultant

The biggest decision I’ve ever made was to be authentic about telling my story. I had to make peace with myself and forgive myself for all of the things I thought I did wrong. It wasn’t that I did anything wrong. I wasn’t completely right either, but I didn’t know any better and I can’t continue to beat myself up for things I didn’t know. Read more>>