The Decision Makers Series is one of our staff’s favorite because decision making is a topic that so many of us have studied deeply.

Tony Moss | Artist, Musician & Music and Event Producer

When I decided to work full time as an artist, the biggest question for me, like most artists, was whether or not my “work” would sell. Translation: Is my work commercially viable. To that end, most artist, specific to me, recording artists, often make the mistake of choosing commercial viability, or like ability, over authenticity. So the single most important decision I made was to be completely true to myself and make art, in all the media I work with, that is authentic and unique to me. It paid off. Read more>>

Desiree Musselman | Certified Leadership Development Coach & Trainer

Deciding to build my leadership skills in a male-dominated industry. I learned so much from the leaders that I worked with throughout my corporate career. I learned more than how I did and didn’t want to lead; I learned about myself as a woman, my values, what I was okay with, and what I wasn’t. I also learned to see things from my male counterpoint’s side, which allowed me to help other women navigate without feeling lost in the crowd. This is a key choice that I made that helps me work with both female and male clients using my experience that has given me a deep understanding of the difficulties we all face in leadership. Read more>>

Ashley Schneider | Non-profit Executive Director & Founder

I learned, and continue to learn, to listen to my inner voice that directs my business’ path. It’s important and necessary to seek wise counsel, but it’s time well spent to unearth what your inner voice is directing you to do. The most innovative businesses are built on both outward wisdom and inner knowing. Your vision will not always make sense to those on the outside looking in. It’s your job to paint the picture, and see it through. Read more>>

Courtney Bree | Actress & Editor

The single most important decision I made was to leave my hometown of Houston, TX, and move to Los Angeles to pursue my career goals. I didn’t have a job lined up or any leads (risky, I know), but it was the step I needed to take to lay the foundation for advancing my career. Read more>>

David Liehn & Joe Laporte | The Directing Duo

Without a doubt, the single most important decision we made as directors was to join forces and work together as a team. As co-directors we have much more to offer our clients. We can work more efficiently and divide and conquer on set while divvying up the workload. We do a lot of planning in pre-production so we are in sync going into a project. This gives us the ability to split up on the shoot and cover more ground. One of us can be talking to the actors, while the other is in video village communicating with the client or by camera with the director of photography. Joe and I bring years of combined set experience to any given project, but we also offer different and unique skill sets. We use our individual strengths to our advantage to get the job done and split up when need be. Like the old saying says, “two heads are better than one…” Read more>>