One of the most rewarding things about getting to know so many entrepreneurs is seeing first-hand how many of them are focused on so much more than just financial results. So many of the folks we connect with are focused on having a positive social impact on their community or the world at large. Check out some of these amazing folks below.

PEER Entertainment Group | PEER Entertainment is a conduit to culture. We represent for the culture through our clients.

PEER’s mission is to be a conduit to culture. We represent for the culture through our clients. PEER was created to bridge the gap between talent and industry professionals. We create access and opportunities for talent to collaborate with said industry professionals and foster partnerships that transcend traditional industry boundaries. Read more>>

GENERAL QU | Production/Interior Designer/Stylist

While I was attending interior design school, I grew tired of all of the upscale showrooms and culture we were being exposed to. I decided then that I wanted good design/styling to be accessible to everyone who wants it. I’ve worked with different clients and budgets throughout the years of my business career; clients ranging from Nike to Sorel, to design consulting for therapists offices to airbnbs, to furnishing/styling my parents house and friend’s spaces. Read more>>

Luis Antonio Aldana | Screenwriter, Actor & Producer

My writing/producing partner and I set out to tell stories and make films from our specific point of view. Having immigrated to and growing up in Latine, working-class neighborhoods in Southern California will forever serve as the lens with which we tell our stories. Identifying as Queer also greatly informs the type of stories we gravitate towards. I feel that pushing this type of filmmaking and storytelling to the forefront helps “our community” and the community at large. In addition, it expands the notion of the type of stories that are deemed worthy and essential. Read more>>

Dr Jess Peatross | MD, IFMCP, Founder of the Kill”Bind”Sweat Method

I founded Wellness Plus in 2020 after realizing I could help many more people from a larger online platform, rather than continuing one on one consults where I repeated myself on each one. I garnish great joy from seeing others become their own best healers and doctors. I realized after I left the conventional hospital system that I had a gift in helping others understand how the body worked and seeing their own body’s power to heal. With the help of my stellar team, we created an online website app that empowers clients through education, although we focus on mystery illnesses, like chronic Lyme, mold, and parasites, as well as environmental toxicities. Read more>>

Mercedes Hernandez | Entrepreneur

The SoCo Market was created to highlight small businesses and give them a platform to connect and meet customers within our community. While our main focus was to support small businesses, the market also made a social impact on our community. The SoCo Market became a place where our community was able to come together to enjoy each others company, eat good food, and shop local. It’s amazing to watch the small businesses grow after attending the markets and creating long term relationships with customers. Read more>>

Nadine Luke | Author, Educator & Educational Consultant

My business of creating culturally relevant books not only impact our community but children all over the world. Research shows that children who see themselves represented in a positive light in the books they read develop a positive self-image. Not only will it have a positive impact on children of color but it will help others see children of color as someone who has greatness inside of them who can make a positive difference in the world. Read more>>

Spencer Martinez | Actor & Founder of LimeLight

LimeLight’s main goal is to eliminate the starving artist. That might mean starving for opportunity, for education, or financially. The LimeLight app is a marketplace for people who are in the performing arts looking to either take or give sessions. A session could be singing, acting, dance lessons or an audition prep, headshots, etc. anything to help the performer land their next role. The app is starting out small with linking teachers, photographers, coaches, and performers. This will help the Lights (our term for teachers, photographers, coaches) business grow and let them focus on the important things like teaching or helping the performer (Limes) instead of having to work on content, payments, and getting the word out about their session. Read more>>

Erin Herle and Valéry Brosseau  | Founder/Executive Director and Director of Operations, #SubmitTheStigma

Erin Herle: #SubmitTheStigma started as a campaign to spread awareness of mental health within the Jiu Jitsu community. The aspect of sport relies on a healthy mindset and competitive spirit. Physicality garners more attention from coaches and athletes but the emphasis on mental wellness is often missing. As a non-profit since 2016, #SubmitTheStigma aims to make mental health as important as physical health. The martial art of Jiu Jitsu contributes to many mentally healthy habits with its goal-oriented curriculum, supportive community, physical exertion, and mentally-stimulating problem-solving nature. All of these things mirror mental health and so we strive to make aware these benefits to those who already train and those who should. Read more>>

Maria Motta | Children’s book illustrator & Business owner

We are all about wearable illustrations that come to life with digital creative materials, encouraging kids to use their imagination and motor skills in positive ways, but we are also all about giving back. By giving back we mean to provide kids from vulnerable populations, with creative tools and books that tell stories based on the design in our designs. Our goal for 2022, is to start donating books that include all the creative packets, that are provided with a Twibbles item, and a short story in the form of a children’s book. We want to Establish brand awareness by starting relationships with non-profit organizations and libraries to donate books to kids in vulnerable situations. Read more>>

Lila Rose | Nature Tantra guide

The cannabis assisted Nature Tantra Experience is a one of a kind experience which supports people in reconnecting to their deepest purpose and inner calling. When we return to our most authentic selves, we not only experience more personal joy and aliveness, but this additionally and inevitably reflects the way in which we interact with our community and world at large. By reconnecting the human heart to the greatness of being alive, we in turn reconnect to the Earth and all of the inhabitants we share this planet with.
At a time when climate change and other environmental devastations are threatening our home and all of the life it supports, we need this work more than ever if we want to survive, let alone thrive. Read more>>