One of the most rewarding things about getting to know so many entrepreneurs is seeing first-hand how many of them are focused on so much more than just financial results. So many of the folks we connect with are focused on having a positive social impact on their community or the world at large. Check out some of these amazing folks below.

Jocelyn Dickey | Maker & Designer

I’m proud to say that ‘Earth Day’ is every day for DickeySack. Our items are made from upcycled burlap coffee sacks and repurposed denim, with all the scraps being composted or recycled. Protecting planet Earth and reducing climate change by diverting waste from landfills, one coffee sack at a time. Eco-conscious thinking and eco-friendly living. Read more>>

Patricia Kara | Model/Host/Actress

One of the biggest parts of my business right now is my new book that I wrote, Dream on Now Deliver, which is about the entertainment industry. When I got started in entertainment 35 years ago, I had absolutely no resources, mentorship, instruction, or anything. I figured my path out on my own through trial and error, and I have been able to build a successful career. It was hard work, networking, learning on the job, and my own strength of character that I was able to lean on in order to figure out what I needed to in order to keep moving forward. Read more>>

Seva Mouler | CEO and Founder of Two Pillars

At Two Pillars we have one common goal for every product we make. Each step in our process, from design to production, aims to make looking after yourself more sustainable. Since 2017 we have been creating innovative and eco-conscious products for the modern kitchen. We have been featured on Good Housekeeping, and Mashable and sold in over 100 countries in stores like Walmart, Bed Bath and Beyond, Walgreens, and more. Read more>>

Shea Bullock | Vegan Chef & Restaurant Owner

Our business allows us to introduce the community to plant based food that is reminiscent of the comfort foods many of us grew up eating. We have helped so many people transition to a healthier lifestyle and that’s the ultimate goal. If we can shift the way others view plant based foods, we can get them to be open to making changes. My favorite part of running my business so far was providing meals once a week to a local summer camp. Read more>>

Jay and Anna Lisa Lukes | Co-Founders and Partners, The Lukes Network, LLC Marketing | Sustainability

My partner, Jay Lukes, and I started The Lukes Network ( as a different kind of full-service marketing, public relations, government relations, fundraising, design and event production company. From the outset, we wanted our work to have a strong connection to making our community – whether local or global – better. We do this by having a keen focus on sustainability. Read more>>