We had the good fortune of connecting with Eugeniia Gul and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Eugeniia, is there something that you feel is most responsible for your success?
The most important factor for success is self-belief. Success isn’t about the money, not necessarily about connections it’s about that feeling of peace of mind and self-belief that can’t be bought. \


Let’s talk shop? Tell us more about your career, what can you share with our community?
I am an author and the creator of the workbook for women the aim of which is self-discovery and planning. GUL Planner 12-Step approach is for those women seeking to answer the big questions of life. It is for women who love learning about themselves and who are looking for their life mission. The most important factor behind my first self- published workbook for women is self-belief and patience. Two years I’ve been working on the perfect design and the quality of the workbook. I worked on it starting June 2018: when the artwork of the inner pages and the cover was ready – I ordered a sample for testing the quality, reliability, and durability of my product. Then, I’ve been writing in the workbook as the customer, not as a motivated creator who wants to make success happen overnight. Besides that, I had it in my purse everywhere I went. Within few months of writing in the workbook, having it in my purse, asking my friends for opinion – I found some defects like scratches on the paper cover + I’ve realized that the size and weight of the journal are not good enough and I worked from the very beginning: new artwork of the inner pages, new cover (vegan leather instead of the paper cover) and testing out a product again and again until I was satisfied with the result 100%. The moment had come after working hard on the artwork and quality of my product for long two years and in April 2020 I published GUL Planner and obtained a copyright on my work. The key to success for me is realizing that big goals aren’t going to happen overnight or even the next year and this is absolutely normal. We tend to focus on the end goals rather than the small, significant steps we take to get to that goal that is why besides working on the product, it’s important to acknowledge every single step you take and to celebrate both: small and big wins. Besides that, it’s extremely important to track your progress (preferably in a journal), to stay focused, and to keep going even if you feel that it’s just too high a mountain to climb, because if you think you can – it means that you can. 

Last but not least factor behind my success is patience! Don’t wait until you will be where you want to be – be proud of yourself for how hard you are trying! I am proud of myself because I learned a lot during my work on the workbook and I never gave up on my dreams. Remember the one thing, being an entrepreneur is your choice, and being a successful entrepreneur is the result of your work. I’m an entrepreneur who believes in my ideas and I believe in myself. It’s what I highly recommend to you! You may have the most incredible business ideas, but you won’t move forward without self-belief! Believe in yourself. If not you, then who? 


Any places to eat or things to do that you can share with our readers? If they have a friend visiting town, what are some spots they could take them to?
If my best friend was visiting the area, I would take her/him to my most favourite places in LA, which I highly recommend to you as well: Museums and Art Galleries: The Broad Art Museum – enjoy free admission and finish your visit with some shopping at the south lobby doors. Los Angeles County Museum – venture beyond the photo-friendly installation and share your cool photos with others. Getty Center – enjoy free admission and panoramic views. BertaArt Studio Gallery – enjoy an exceptional atmosphere at BertaArt Studio Gallery… an atmosphere in which you want to create, to unplug and unwind yourself into nature. The most exciting thing about BertaArt Studio Gallery for me is that you have a chance to talk to Clara Berta, the owner of the gallery and a painter of all the paintings which are at the gallery. She always welcomes you with warmth and love and you can ask her about the paintings and the source of inspiration. 

Amazing place to get inspired and to buy the planners, workbooks, books, journals for goal setting and self-improvement for me is The Last Bookstore. 

The Last Bookstore is on the list of the must place to visit in Los Angeles. It’s like an attraction and a bookstore at the same time. You can find GUL Planners at the “Journals” section. 

Restaurants: Il café – an amazing Swedish coffee shop with a creative vibe. Bottega Louie – Italian restaurant with an amazing aristocratic atmosphere. Bouchon Restaurant in Beverly Hills – French restaurant with exceptional service and food which is true perfection. Bestia in DTLA – Italian restaurant, which I highly recommend you to book at least a week ahead. 

Markets: Grand Central Market – my favourite food is the Mediterranean so I recommend you to try Kismet Falafel. Smorgasburg LA market – is an annual food flea market where you can try a variety of foods from different parts of the world; plan an early trip and keep in mind that the market is open only on Sundays. 

Beauty: G. Bar is more than just a beauty salon – it’s a salon in which both, in&out beauty matter. Besides, pastel photogenic interiors and affordable mani, pedi, and other beauty services – G.Bar carry planners, journals, workbooks, and notebooks for women who shape not only their brows. You can find GUL Planners at G.Bar as well! 

Benjamin Salon in West Hollywood – an amazing salon, which your hair will LOVE, I highly recommend @jessrielle and @fallonwithscissors. 

Ganni boutique in DTLA – Danish lifestyle brand which is dealing in a ready- to-wear category. I highly recommend you Lexi @somebodydied and Adrian @adriankmanzo who will help you to choose the best look for you. 

No matter where you’ll go – don’t forget to enjoy the present moment, because this is all we have. 

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
My husband. I have an incredible husband who supports me, my business ideas, and my desire to learn more and more every single day. Let me be honest with you, we’ve been through hard financial times with my husband and when we barely had the money for paying rent, my husband kept buying me…BOOKS. Back in 2019, my husband and I went to the Barners&Noble and one particular book caught my attention, the name of which is “How to Be An Overnight Success”. I am pretty sure that you know why this book caught my attention; most of us want to know a secret of an overnight success, right? Those days, back in 2019, I have been dreaming about the publication of the workbook, BUT I barely had the money for the living, what to say about mass production of the workbooks?! Some people give up on their dreams when they are facing the difficulties on their way, but if your faith in yourself and your product is strong enough – nothing can stand against your will. Maria Hatzistefanis, the author of the book “How to Be An Overnight Success”, is a perfect example of an entrepreneur who had a big dream&vision, who had no financial resources, support from parents and friends, ON HER OWN, created luxury skincare and makeup company Rodial, and later on, she launched more affordable skincare and body care company NIP+FAB. What is the secret of her success? – Self-belief! Maria believed in herself/in her product and she was patient; just think about it – it took her 18 years to build such a successful, luxury, and recognizable brand in the world the name of which is Rodial. I recommend you read about the importance of faith in yourself in the “How to Be An Overnight Success” book. After you’ve finished reading this book, I highly recommend you read another book, by the same author, Maria Hatzistefanis “How to Make it Happen”. It’s a recently published book in which Maria is sharing about her personal and professional failures showing us, readers, that challenges on the way to big success are an important part of growing and developing as a person and as an entrepreneur. Maria makes it clear that being an entrepreneur takes hard work and constant self- improvement. So if you are starting up a business or have a goal you want to achieve both Maria’s books will impart invaluable knowledge, which is being shared to empower you to find a source of inspiration and to gain self-belief. Remember the one thing, success isn’t about the money, not necessarily about connections it’s about that feeling of peace of mind and self-belief that can’t be bought

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