We asked some of our favorite folks what makes them happy and why?


I would say what makes me truly happy are genuine interactions. Living in a city like New York or LA, any person can stumble upon a conversation that could alter their perspective on something in their day or life. I have had many instances where a simple conversation with a stranger answered a question that I asked myself previously that day or week. I feel as if the universe leads us to certain occurrences that we may not know we needed. Read more>>

Paulina Gamiz | Filmmaker

Creating, and I know it sounds cliche but it’s true! Lately I’ve been focusing a lot in developing passion projects even if there is no money involved and it’s just for the love of art ( amor al arte) I’ve noticed that the more I do it the more I feel connected to my craft, more creative juice comes in and it definitely makes me feel I have more control over my career and I have less anxiety about the future. Read more>>

Robert Fairley III | Visual Artist/Painter

My artwork makes me happy. Being able to do what I love makes me happy. Art makes me happy because it’s my escape from the outside world. I get to express myself however I want to and be free. Read more>>