We asked some of our favorite folks what makes them happy and why?


I believe that happiness is a choice. I wake up in the morning and choose to be happy today. I’m thinking about the things I would do during the day and get excited. Of course, I’m a human, and I may get stressed and depressed, but in my opinion, it’s important to bring yourself back to the state of mind where you feel neutral first, then positive, and eventually happy. Meditation helps me a lot with that, and it allows me to live in the present moment because living in your past may lead to depression, living in the future might cause anxiety, and only living in the present moment allows you to have a happy life. Finally, I believe that you cannot have everything you love but you can love everything you have; this is my happiness formula. Read more>>

Jonjo Elliott | Artist

Happiness to me is so many different things. Watching my 4 kids grow and do the things they enjoy always makes me happy. They dance, play sport, love art and fashion and generally keep me busy 24-7, but Saturday night on the couch surrounded by my family with an open fire and a movie playing is the most perfect time for me. Read more>>

Cesar Valderrama | Actor, Writer & Director

Wow, this is a very deep question. Well, honestly sharing my experiences with the people I love and care about is what makes me happy. Without them, I don’t think I could have the motivation to continue on with my creativity. I love acting because it has always been a great tool for me to express myself, and in a way to connect with people through my emotions. When I invite my friends and family to a production that I am in, or webseries that’s online, or a film that I am creating, it’s that reaction when I see them glow up being surprised at my talent, that makes everything whole. Read more>>

Maria Alejandra and Chris Anthony Hernandez | Actor and Filmmaker couple

What makes my husband and I happy is to do what we love. To follow our passion. Always keeping God us the center of our relationship, and in our acting careers as well as in our production company. Because when you do what you love, even if it gets challenging, it’s rewarding. Read more>>