We asked some of our favorite folks what makes them happy and why?

Aubrey Situmorang | Bass player, touring musician, composer & arranger

The ability to work on what I love and spread the joy of it to other people. I’m a bass player and I really love what I’m doing. I love discovering new music, learning the basslines, understanding how the music works, writing my own compositions, and all of music making activities. I’m really grateful to know that my work can directly affect other people’s happiness too. It’s really a win-win solution for everyone, so I feel happy with my purpose and I won’t trade it for anything. Read more>>

April Hobby | Founder of The Black Curation & Art Content Creator

I gain happiness by building resources for others to utilize and creating a meaningful community. Right now, The Black Curation is my source of happiness. The Black Curation allows me to tap into my creativity and build community with those that believe in the mission. In February 2021, I created a Black-owned art galleries map for people to discover and support local Black-owned art galleries near them. To date, located over 150 Black-owned art galleries through research and community feedback (there are so many in L.A.!) Additionally, it brings me joy to find creative ways to share my visits to art pop-ups, Black-owned art galleries, and museums with readers. Read more>>

Shazia Khan | Pediatric Nurse, Writer & Book Blogger

They say happiness comes in waves. I believe that every so often a wave crashes into your life and leaves a new kind of happiness that lingers as the seasons change and the years go by. This is what happened to me five years ago when I was scrolling through Instagram and I came across a video of a person with a scarf she had purchased. She held it up and said the words that changed it all: “This is a constellation scarf”. I’m an astronomy enthusiast, so it’s not a surprise that three weeks later I was holding it in my hands. Read more>>

Beau Cockrell | Makeup Artist & Musician

In moments of anxiety and stress, there is only one thing that fills me with the grounding energy I need to set me back on track, and that is creating. There are so many ways to find expression through different artistic mediums, whether you find your stride in cooking, painting, interior design, etc. – there exist so many unique ways to find joy through expression. I find my joy in painting faces, and creating music. Whether or not I choose to share what I create with the world varies, but finding joy in the creative process is enough for me to keep the fire lit. I want to create work that uplifts and is authentic to me 100% of the time – that is how I will find and hold onto my light. Read more>>

Kelly Sweet | Self-confidence Coach & Writer

I am happy when my family is healthy and strong, my faith is intact, and I am living my purpose. Read more>>

Gita Rash Actor, Artist and Author | Besides being a certified fitness instructor I am also an artist, actor and author.

I love to create, using imagination and inspiration derived from nature, people around me, travels, and life. Creating a piece of art, literature, poems or prose brings incredible joy and happiness to color my life and keep me inspired. The frustrations and challenges that life brings is inevitable, we have to face and overcome them. By staying positive and productive and engaging in purposeful activities, whatever they may be, we are given the opportunity to direct our attention towards a more rewarding life. Read more>>