We asked some of our favorite folks what makes them happy and why?

Lawrence Lanoff | Meta-Hypnotist, Tantric Sex Master, Energy Healer & Best Selling Author

Happiness is an emotion that acts as a short term motivator. It’s a bit like watching a beautiful sunset. It’s important that we learn to live in our experience and share those lived-in experiences with other people we love. It’s essential that we focus on the things that make us happy. Focus leads inner experience. Read more>>

Wendy McColm | Director

Expressing myself fully, without judgment. There is a certain beauty to that. It can be filmmaking, journaling, singing, riding my bike, dancing. Anything that allows you to feel. When you feel without judgment, that is when you can live through your heart. The most honest creating, your purpose can be seen there. Read more>>

Benjamin Shirley | Composer & Director of Community Engagement, Street Symphony

Composing music, helping others to the best of my abilities, realizing quality relationships based on truth and how to make that circle of connectedness wider. Why? because my “old life” of being an alcoholic/drug addict had me running around lying, cheating, and being a burden on everyone and everything that crossed my path. My new life of some 9 plus years allows me just a little peace and a ton of happiness. I am at a point in my life where I couldn’t even dream of these wonderful possibilities which present themselves each day. Read more>>