We asked some of our favorite folks what makes them happy and why?

Sarah Dusek | Social Entrepreneur, Investor & Managing Partner Engyma Ventures

I experience my greatest happiness when I am walking in the flow of fulfilling my dreams and visions. When I’m working on things I can about, am advancing the vision and mission that is in my heart I am definitely my happiest. That and a glance of wine and being in a beautiful outdoor place experiencing the incredible outdoors. Read more>>

Catherine Fulmer | Fashion Designer

The creative process from start to finish makes me incredibly happy and full of life. That sums up my professional life in a nut shell. Personally – nothing makes me more happy than to see my 6 year old grow up to be an incredibly caring and wonderful little human. Read more>>

Nicky Corbett | Musician & Songwriter

Music and Singing make me happy. There’s something about opening the mouth and hearing things come out – words, emotions and of course the voice itself – these are such visceral, human and connective things that I cannot live without. For me, the soul is expressed through music and art and a part of what brings all humanity together. Music and songs cross language barriers and time – they are the ultimate universal language. It makes me happy to be a part of this as a creator of music in a career, but also as a listener and audience to others. Read more>>