We asked some of our favorite folks what makes them happy and why?

Cynthia Montoya | Interior Designer | Creative | Home Stylist

In 2019, I might have said my happiness is a resort-style vacation, preferably with a tropical beach outside my door. Now 2020 has taught me to live what I teach my clients; that beauty and simplicity are what make us happy. This year I’ve had time to absorb simple things like bike rides around our neighborhood, feeling the wind on my face, waving hello to neighbors, home-cooked bread on chilly days, and cuddling while watching a family movie. Right now I’m loving the time I can sneak away alone to read and dig into my spirituality, while practically applying what I learn, with intention. I’ve noticed that these forced life changes offer the usually elusive opportunity to concentrate on my immediate world. Professionally, I found my happy years ago when I started transforming the homes of my clients and then watching the “happy” domino effect the results had. Designing creative alternatives and adding beauty to their homes often altered other areas of their lives in unexpected and positive ways. Read more>>

Abby Callahan | Ballet Dancer

The thing that makes me the happiest is performing. There is no feeling like it in the world. It’s almost hard to put into words how special it is. We all work so hard rehearsing a role, and getting to finally share it with the audience is something I am extremely grateful for. Read more>>

Aaron Erskin | Photographer

When thinking about what makes me happy, I tend to have numerous things rush through my head. One of the biggest things that makes me happy and drives my motivation is creating and connecting with like minded people. Ever since I was younger, my passion for photography has only gotten bigger as I lived through each day of my life. I love the process of connecting with new people, creating a concept, and then executing the ideas that were planned. Something about the whole process is so addicting and makes me feel like a real person. Being able to express my art and my emotions with people through images is so important that not many people realize. Photography brings people together to create unique images that have never been done before. Waking up everyday and thinking about what I need to do to push towards my goal of success is what makes me happy. Being able to work and be busy doing the things that I love is something that I will forever be grateful and thankful for. Read more>>

Olga Lah | Installation Artist

Working as an artist makes me very happy. I am pursuing my wildest dream and it thrills me and brings great fulfillment. It’s meaningful to me to introduce thoughts, experiences and questions into the wider culture. Inevitably there are challenging times but because I feel sure that I am doing exactly what I have been called to do, every struggle or frustration feels significantly part of the purpose. I feel keenly aware that life is brief and so I try to fully engage with my role as an artist and take in every encounter that my career brings. I am grateful that I get to do what I love while connecting with the varied places and people that I come across. Read more>>