It takes a lot more than an idea to build a business, but there can’t be a business without the idea.  So we asked folks who’ve built wonderful businesses to tell us about how they came up with the idea in the first place.

Leslie Karpman | Pilates Master & Founder of Body By Leslie

I had been a personal trainer and pilates instructor since 2008, and in that time dedicated to my amazing community, and taught over 15,000 classes! The idea for Body By Leslie came to me when I had been really feeling this strong desire to bring people together in a way that felt like a huge celebration, but I felt boxed in by the limited capacity in studios. A lot of people don’t like to workout because it feels like a punishment, it’s not fun. So with Body By Leslie, what I do is create this really addictive, fun environment with my method that’s highly focused on toning, really in an inclusive, kinda flirty environment. Read more>>

Tallulah Rufus Isaacs | Designer and Founder

I was born in Los Angeles but I moved to Rome when i was very young and grew up there until I finished high school. After that I lived in New York, Paris and London before returning to LA only five years ago. I feel like living all around Europe but having a California spirit has influenced what I wear and who I design for very much. It’s a play between elegant and lighthearted. Ive been a designer for about 12 years now and travel has always been a huge inspiration for what I make and what kind of woman I envision wearing my brand. BARDO came to be when I sold my last company just before the pandemic and I found myself wondering what to do next. Read more>>

Khristian Hibler | Holistic Skin Therapist & Business Owner

Growing up I was really into skincare and cosmetic products. In result I would sometimes experience breakouts, rashes, and occasionally waste my time because the product didn’t work. I saw this with family friends as well. So I decided to make natural products for myself and those who asked, “what can I use to “fix” what is going with my skin” or if they had a certain skin condition. As I studied more about holistic health, I really liked the idea of using herbs as medicine. I figured out how to incorporate the herbs into my products thru oil infusion. Once I infused a oil with herbs I could make soaps, body oils, and bath salts. Now my products have healing properties without chemicals and preservatives. Everything is made fresh with quality organic ingredients and sold right after. Read more>>

Scott Sayre | Author and Spiritual Counsellor

People around me were and are suffering. Many are addicted to sugar, often with disastrous consequences. For a long time I thought I could be of most use by helping people to use other, better, healing foods to recover. So I started “Sugar Sensei,” steeped in ancient Japanese wisdom and modern cooking techniques. People loved the classes and would start out for a day or so to do what they had learned. But almost without fail they returned to their addictions. Read more>>