Our community is comprised of some absolutely brilliant entrepreneurs and so we asked a few of them to tell us the story of how they came up with the ideas for their business.

Angela | Content Creator

I got the idea for Grad Girl Wellness about halfway through my PhD program. I was struggling with balancing the demands of graduate school and my personal life simultaneously, and the more I sought out help, the more I realized that there weren’t many resources that spoke directly to what I was experiencing. There is currently more research about the mental health experiences of undergraduate students, but at the graduate school level, there are far fewer studies and even less about people of color. I was comforted somewhat when I found wellness experts and instructors online who had professional degrees or PhDs, but they were working solely in the health and wellness space. Read more>>

Ellie Dvorkin Dunn Julia Granacki | Co-hosts and co-producers of Circling the Drain Podcast

We met in college while getting our degrees in theatre and we bonded when we were caught in a high speed car chase where we were nearly shot. (At least that’s how we remember it. It was Florida, after all.) We have stayed close friends ever since, and as we have aged, our bond has deepened to include discussions about all of the bizarre changes happening to our bodies. As we commiserated and laughed, we joked that this would make great material for a podcast. But what to call it? Read more>>

Janiese Finney | RN BSN PHN

I was a Registered Nurse working with pediatric patients, when I noticed that we had several children essentially living in the hospital well after they were eligible for discharge. Many of the pediatric patients rarely had visitors if any at all and I was struck by the question, WHY? I found that these medically fragile children had been removed from their biological families by the Department of Child and Family Services for one reason or another and because of their medical challenges, appropriate foster placements, who could meet their medical needs proved to be a challenge as well. Read more>>

Kim Brooks | Wardrobe Stylist, Creative, Artist

I was very into fashion and style from an early age but life happened and it got away from me. I ended up in a financial role and when the lending crash happened in 2008, I did a re-eval of my day to day and wondered what the heck I was doing in a role that despite success, I had no interest in doing. A long hard look at myself, I went back to what made me happy. I started assisting friends with their wardrobes and things took off from there. I was where I was supposed to be. Read more>>

Maria de Jesus Sanchez | Wife, Mom of 3 and Artisan

Hi, my name is Maria de Jesus Sanchez, Dental technician as career but a mom of 3 and artisan in the real life, being a housewife was one of the most satisfactory things I have ever made in my life, no regrets! however it was a 7/24-365 demanding full time, absorbing, never endless nonpaying job. The kids were grown up, and I have to do something else, something for me, something to fulfill my dreams and passions. A flea market started at my kids’ high school, and I saw an opportunity to sell something…. what am I going to sell? OMG, I have to do something… so a Michaels flyer came to my hands and yes, a Cricut special sale! So here we go. Read more>>

Jessiline Berry | Registered Associate Marriage & Family Therapist

As I wrapped up my time as a trainee and started to imagine where I’d want to do my associate work as a Marriage and Family Therapist, it seemed like I only had two options — solo private practice or agency work. I knew I wanted to bring a level of nuance to my work that didn’t seem congruent with agency work, yet I appreciated that agency work allowed for more of a sense of community than solo practice. Angeles Psychology Group, a private group practice, emerged as the best of both worlds. Not only do I get to benefit from the expertise of the brilliant minds of my colleagues, but they provide so much affirming support for the type of work I’m passionate about giving to my clients. Read more>>