Our community is comprised of some absolutely brilliant entrepreneurs and so we asked a few of them to tell us the story of how they came up with the ideas for their business.

Bianca Foti | Founder & CEO

Next Edition started out as a side hustle in 2016 that I was doing while I was working my corporate job. I wanted to make some extra money and it was easy for me to juggle at the time. Writing was something I always excelled at. I studied it in college and it was one thing I was sure I could do better than the average person. Read more>>

Tiare Watts | Horse Trainer/Instructor & Shade Connoisseur

My niece and I were learning how to make coconut hats a few years ago. I work on a horse ranch and am always needing solid sun protection and a hat that actually fits my head. We also were thinking that everyone who lives on the island should have one of them in their homes! You couldn’t find them anywhere at that time. Then we started dreaming of using the money we made to buy and RV and go on adventures together and see our beautiful country. Read more>>

Hannah Uiri | Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher + Folk Herbalist

The reason I’ve pursued both trauma informed yoga and herbalism are really one and the same: embodied connection with myself and others. I became certified as a yoga teacher with the sole purpose of learning a somatic tool that would aid in processing trauma and allow myself and others to feel at home in their bodies. Read more>>

Holly Stein | Organic GF Postpartum Meal Prepper

I’ve been into holistic/lowtox living for over a decade after I self taught my way through a host of chronic digestive issues, horrible periods, etc. Turns out the food I was eating and the products I were using were affecting my health…who would have thought? Read more>>

Michelle Ares | Los Angeles Blogger & Podcast Host

I came up with the idea for LA Dreaming after I started getting asked by family and friends how I was able to find fun things to do in LA area. When you live in or visit a big area it can be overwhelming when you try to decide what you should do. I try to provide a variety of ideas of things to do while also sharing resources to help people be able to get the most out of an experience. Read more>>

Sara Bybee Fisk | Stop People Pleasing Coach

I was held hostage by my own people pleasing and totally stuck in my life and coaching business. Read more>>