Getting started is HARD. Getting the first client is insanely hard. Keeping that client happy, generating more and continuing to keep everything going is heroic. So we asked these heroic entrepreneurs how they got started and took something that might have just been a hobby and turned it into a business.

Jenny Yi | Event Planner, Designer & Florist

I was lucky in the sense that I knew I wanted to be an event planner ever since I was in college. The challenge was finding a full-time event planning gig right out of college with bills and a college loan to pay. I had to get a full-time job in the corporate world, then was lead to teaching abroad for several years. My goal was to save up so that I could come back to start my own event planning business. Read more>>

Rick Wagner | Intuitive Life Coach

I have always been very aware of the energies around people, but after my near-death experience on a motorcycle which left me temporarily paralyzed from the neck down, these feelings were exacerbated. It took me many years to understand why I was receiving so much information, energy and emotion from people and what I was supposed to do with this knowledge. As as many people do, I would use the gym as a way to clear my mind from over-thinking everything. This clarity allowed me to see and feel the energy and vibrational thoughts around people. Read more>>

Toni Shaw | Candle Maker & Stained Glass Mosaic Artist

I started making candles four years ago primarily because I was frustrated that my favorite candle store moved. I had made a few trips to purchase candles, but the traffic and the lack of parking became too much. I thought to myself that I could make my own candles. And I put action to words and took a candle making class at West LA College. I made a lot of mediocre smelling candles, but I didn’t give up. I found someone who had been making candles for over 30 years, and he tutored me. After refining my formula, and getting a green light from my friends who I had corraled into becoming my testers, I secured a spot at my local farmer’s market and never looked back. Read more>>

Mary Anna Rappazzo | Digital Illustrator & Fine Art Painter

I was an in-house digital illustrator at Disney for 12 years when a slate of layoffs occurred. The old saying, “Necessity is the mother of invention” applied. I wanted to continue doing the kind of work I loved to do, so I started my freelance business, 1 Eye Art & Design. The work I do is obtained mostly by word of mouth. I got my job at Disney through the recommendation of a friend who knew my work, and I started my business understanding that I must reach out and do consistent networking to land some initial opportunities. I was very fortunate that former colleagues from my time at Disney were supportive and helpful to me as I started on my own. Read more>>

Tenisha Mitchell | Owner

I first started my business in 2016 with 500$ I got back from my takes that year. I was living check to check and I was educating myself on financial wealth and decided it was time for change. So I took a risk with the support of my husband and dove in feet first. I was over my head for the first six months because I was using funding from our household and was to afraid to get into more debt but with the support of my community Godi started to turn profit. Godi was never a hobby I had to much at stake for that. Godi was always a dream of creating another stream of revenue while heightening self love and inspiring others. Read more>>