Most people say they want success, but when you ask them what success means you get wildly different responses. We recently asked some of the best and brightest in our community to tell us about how they define success and have shared their responses below.

Kenneth Cartel | Artist, Music Producer, And Environmental Designer

For me success is a energy flow that brings me joy, happiness, in which it push my life forward and it benefit off my life for my highest good, especially when it is attached to a goal. It can also be something so simple that is deem as successful. So understanding my own success energy I apply that to my day to day life. I’m also practicing being appreciative / grateful. I learned that from my mom when I was younger, it makes more since when you get older. That’s one way how I’m able to have abundance in my life. Also success can also be from learning from your mistakes, losses, and failure. Read more>>

Rock Choi | Guitarist

Obviously I live once, Time is always limited, no one knows what will happen, even tomorrow. I think that life can be boring, or life can be filled up with happiness depending on the perspective and the way that I treat my life. Being successful is my choice. As everyone knows, life doesn’t always work as I have planned. However, the way I treat my life – to keep challenging myself, to cope with the unexpected and resolve problems and tensions – these are significant for being a successful human. Life is all about attitude. I can think about success in my daily life by asking myself a question at the end of the day: “ Read more>>

Obie LeBeau | Fashion Influencer

For me, getting up every morning loving what I do is success. Read more>>