By far the most common conversation we have with the folks we interview is about work-life balance. Starting a business or pursuing a creative career makes finding work life balance really tough because there is no clear start and end to one’s work day. We’ve shared some of our conversations on the topic below.

Brandon Hudson | Actor and Owner of B90 Creative

I fully believe that this is something we do not discuss enough in our community- Work vs Life Balance. What equals success, but also maintains our groundedness and sanity? When the pandemic hit, I was stuck- like so many of us. I realized that I was allowing my artistry to define my existence. My life had become entirely focused on the success of my work, without understanding the ramifications of that. When all of our lives came to a halt, I was forced to make a decision. I remember one day, I called my Dad. I said “Dad, I’m going to come home..”. Sure enough he gave me a resounding “NO”. Read more>>

Julissa Contreras | Writer, Podcaster, & Creative Curator

I’ve come to realize that the balance that I aspire to strike is not a work-life balance its a intuition-action balance. The best decisions I make personally, professionally, and creatively come from me being well grounded in my intuition and being in touch with my emotions so that I can better navigate where my mind body and heart are at when I need to step into my power or leadership. What I want in work and life are always evolving so to commit myself to the thing that isn’t permanent feels off. I rather navigate from a place that is being guided by that voice in my soul that keeps me tethered to my purpose so that my surrounding circumstances don’t confuse me out of remembering what matters most and what is of my highest good. Read more>>

Kat Alcaraz & Shanika Arboleda | Founders of Kasa Fit Co.

Finding balance has always been our motto from the very beginning. On top of working full-time corporate jobs, we set aside time to start Kasa Fit Co — a fitness brand that could keep up with the needs of hard working people that crave the ability to cultivate their passion for health and fitness. Kasa Fit Co. proves that being healthy and fit does not always require a designated workout venue, such as a gym. We believe in taking breaks from work, enjoying rest days, and truly finding the balance that works for us. Read more>>

Tsion Mitchell | Fashion Designer, Seamstress, Stylist, Actress, Creative Director

My balance has definitely come a long way from how it was before versus now. I was once one of those artists that can get so focused on their work to the point where I would work to complete a project no matter how long it took me even if it meant I was up for 22 hours straight to complete it. I would even forget to eat sometimes because I was so determined to complete whatever I was working on. Of course, I know now, that is very unhealthy and can and has lead to burnout. Read more>>

Marnie McKnight | Artist

While my children were small, family was my number one priority and I was a stay-at-home-mum. However, I indulged my creativity while they slept, painting, sewing or restoring furniture, while always able to drop everything at a moments notice. When they became school age, I was able to turn my art hobby into a full time job, allowing me to work within school hours and still be around to pick them up from school or host play dates. Read more>>

Steve Turnidge | Mastering Engineer, Circuit Board Designer, Musician and Author

I used to think I had to save up for retirement – and I was stressed about actually doing that. Then, I realized that I love what I do so much that if I retired, I’d still be doing it! At that point I came to understand that I was already retired and working on what I love to do – and getting paid for it. This is an example of a complete life with vocation and avocation aligned. If you love what you do, why would you stop? And if you don’t love what you’re doing, why would you continue? We have such a limited time here on earth, there is no reason not to find and follow your heart’s desire. I allow the universe to make the set list – my definition of freedom is an empty calendar and a full life. I live to work, not work to live… both the living and the working improves me, my clients and the world around us. Read more>>

Kate Morris | Hair & Makeup Artist

I think in the beginning most creatives out on their own fearlessly pursue what we try to accomplish. We know the odds are stacked against us so we don’t believe in time off or giving ourselves breaks or creating healthy boundaries with our clients or patrons until we reach a certain level of success. We can feel “burnout” start to creep in and not want to create or the quality of our product tanks and it isn’t until then we ask for some work life balance. I think the special dance of work life balance is ever changing for us and we just have to listen to our bodies and minds for cues to change up our schedule every once in awhile. Read more>>