24 hours in a day, 168 hours in a week. Junior investment bankers regularly work 80-90 hours a week. Many other high profile professions require the same level of commitment. Often those on the outside claim that working 80-90 hours a week is bad/wrong/terrible/silly/etc but we’ve spoken with so many folks who say working that much has been the best decision of their life – it allowed them to develop a deep and strong skill set far faster than would have been possible otherwise. In other words, by working 2x the hours, they were able to generate 5x or more the rewards. And depending on where you are in your career, investing heavily in your skills and competence can pay dividends for a long time.

Brian Gross | Publicist & Founder

I do not believe in the work/life balance. I believe in working hard, accomplishing goals, making sacrifices. Once you have these firmly in-hand, the life part becomes even more incredible than previous. My work and the relationships through my work have lead to incredible life experiences. My life experiences have opened doors to even more opportunities. Time spent in the “finding balance” aspect is time wasted, in my opinion. Those who work hard and are consistent find their lives to be fruitful. Read more>>

Shaya Cohen | Nursing Student & Photographer

I started out photography as I began college. I was not doing any serious shoots or events so it was manageable. As I began shooting actual families, events and products; balancing my social life, college and photography was a struggle. I started to prioritize one over the other which caused me to withdraw from one when I should have been more on top of my time management. As I began to become more organized, I saw that I had enough time for all of my endeavors and more. I had time for my nursing classes (I’m becoming a Doctor in Nursing Practice), I had time for my photoshoots/events/editing and I had time for me. Read more>>

Cristina Gomez & Elissa Huang | Bloggers

As we’ve progressed in our professional careers, which is completely separate from running our blog, we’ve gained more responsibilities within those roles. So for us, it’s been crucial to learn new ways of maintaining a good balance between work, running a blog and also having a personal life. We are now approaching our 5th year anniversary, and have sort of figured out the bread and butter of what’s important to us to continue running Public Display of Apparel (PDA). We’ve found new methods of collaborating with new partners, maintained constant communication to balance the workload, have kept our editorial calendar organized, and planned dedicated photoshoots in advance to meet deadlines. Read more>>