How do you know when you should keep going versus when it makes sense to cut your losses and try something new? It’s a difficult decision most entrepreneurs and creatives have faced along their journey and so we asked some brilliant folks from the community to share their thoughts.

Bob Peace | Musician and UBI Advocate

I just achieved 38 years on the planet and I still haven’t ‘made it’ as an internationally known musician so I tend to think of this question as I get older, etc. Tom Petty did a fantastic interview with the LATimes just a few days before he passed (RIP) and I frequently go back and listen to the audio (yes, there is audio!).The whole interview is darn eye opening but there’s one line in particular, which is germane to this question, where Petty says (about music) “It was never work cause I would have done it anyway.” I’m starting to think and feel that’s the true barometer. If it’s something you just need to do, then you do it. Thank you, Tom. Read more>>

Timm Daza 

Knowing whether to give up or to keep going is an interesting question. Financially, I should have given up years ago, a million times over. I got into making art for a living in my early 20’s. I was young, naive, and already broke. Thats the best time to make crazy decisions, before adult brain kicks in and reminds you about consequences. By the time my adult kicked in, it was too late for me, there was no turning back. The reality is you have to be honest with yourself. I entered into a creative career before social media was a thing. Read more>>

Mikaela Clark | Visual Artist & Clothing Designer

It’s difficult to be able to recognize when we’re persevering for the sake of the art, and when we’re holding on to aspects of our lives that are truly seasonal, that we should maybe just let go. It’s not always clear which is which. Painting came into my life when I was grieving the loss of something else. It was a bridge between college and adulthood; a bridge between a lifetime of training to be a full time musician, and health issues that made that dream a little harder to pursue. Read more>>

Giga Kobidze | Creative Director

Breath in, breath out, and keep going! In the rush and noise of life, your gut feeling is your most trusted friend you will ever have. Be still, go within, follow your inner flow. Read more>>

Christine Ariya | Singer/Songwriter/Performer

As an aspiring artist, I have struggled with knowing whether or not my passion is the vehicle to my purpose. Over the course of my life, I made my passion for singing become my main goal. I consistently pursued a singing career and currently still am. As I look back at everything that has been placed in my life from people to opportunities and many more, I’ve come to realize that this life was meant for me. Regardless of the struggles I have faced, I continued to move forward and God continued to show me why. Read more>>

Veronica Berry | Actor

I feel in life every decision you make to keep going faces a trade off. I’ve been in the position in my life where things seemed to not be working out, and I had to consider whether I should keep going. One of the biggest decisions for me was whether to keep pursuing my acting career. Many see the success of an actor and believe it was an overnight success. Not knowing, that the actor had been working a full time job, taking acting classes and stunt classes at night, writing and producing short films, and auditioning numerous amounts of time over the years prior to the success. It came down to this for myself. I realized I would rather live my life a few years like others wouldn’t to live the rest of my life how others could only dream of. Giving up is just not in my vocabulary. Read more>>

Tiffany Adeline Cole | Wedding Planner & Dancer

This is a question I’ve only recently answered as I’ve become a small business owner. Since I was little I wanted to be a dancer and I’m happy to say I am and will always be a dancer. However, as I’ve started to make this transition out of performing professionally on the main stage, I often find myself wondering how giving up the one thing I always thought I was meant to do feels more aligned with my spirit and my future than holding on. Endurance and determination make up the foundation of who I am. You always keep going no matter what. But in all honesty, when the world stopped and the theater industry went dark, I felt relieved. Read more>>

Toby Karlin | Composer, Producer, Performer

For me, music is both a choice and it’s who I am. I chose music at 12, and I’ve continued to choose it every day since. I’ve molded my brain around how to create and harmony and rhythm and melodies…so much so that even if I wanted to give it up completely, I couldn’t. That said, I’ve looked at whether or not I should continue music as a profession, and each time I’ve considered “going straight” I’ve been pulled back in. This is what I’ve been put here to do and I would say to keep faith in your calling. Read more>>