We’ve been blessed to connect with so many incredible, resilient entrepreneurs over the years and we’ve learned so much from how they have overcome seemingly insurmountable odds. We’ve shared some of those stories with you below.

Rashee Gupta | Entrepreneur

The reality of life is that it will never be all sad or all happy. This is why and what we call life. There are happy moments and sad moments. Some last longer than others. The important thing is to be willing to adapt to life and what goes on. When sad moments come, grieve, cry, be sad, be patient, but do not stay there. Grow and heal from those times. Use those times as fuel for the next phase, project, moments, etc. in life. Everyone has peak times and/or a point where there time comes. Do not feel you are behind or cannot achieve anything. You just need to keep at it and fill yourself and time with as much knowledge as you can. Read more>>

Chris Saavedra | Agency Owner & Agent

They are probably not the first person to experience a similar struggle. Find gratitude in the things that you do have at that specific moment. Next, you can start with the smallest of actions to change your current situation. Make your bed, clean your place, pay your bills on time, check in with family/friends, etc…. Completion of these little tasks may give you confidence to tackle larger tasks. Do not try to control the things that are out of your control. Step outside of yourself and your own struggles by helping somebody else. Not only is this beneficial for another person, but it will alleviate the pressure of your own hardship. Read more>>

Ryan Kugler | Multi Company Owner

Confront it! Any issue, or barrier that comes your way, just face it, confront it, tackle it and handle it. Do not let things take you down. The more you do, the more you confront something the great it will build you and all but good will come form it. Read more>>

Talia Shea Levin | Film & Theater Maker

I get lost focusing on everything I can’t do all the time. There are always obstacles in the way and sometimes they’re so gigantic it’s hard to know what’s waiting on the other side. I have to remind myself to slow down and look for what I can still do, even if I have to squint to see. Get curious about your circumstances. What opportunities are available not in spite of but because of the challenge you’re facing? Impossible moments are inevitable, but what is still possible? The Andrei Tarkovsky quote “art is born out of an ill-designed world” has been floating in my head lately. Read more>>

Dawn Garcia | Screenwriter, Magazine Maker & Activist

Life is messy. Its full of chaos, uncertainty, victories, challenges, wins, losses, grief, trauma, courage, and opportunity. When we feel like the world is coming for us and the stress or odds seem overwhelming, that’s when our ability to confront the fear and the doubt matters most. In these present times, its fair to say none of us know what is ahead, but rather than be paralyzed by what none of us can possibly control or predict, tap into your tenacity, your brevity, your inner strength and push through the doubt and fear like a root bursting through a block of cement. Read more>>