Often we don’t have to reinvent the wheel to learn something new – we can just ask experts in the field who can draw on their experience to enlighten us. Below, we’ve shared insights insiders from various industries have shared with us.

Wil Key | Musician, Vocalist, Artist

As a musician, one of the most misunderstood things I see coming from fans is the time is takes to actually create and record the quality music that they are listening to. Most non-musicians and music lovers view music as “free” now because it is so readily available on streaming platforms and YouTube, etc. What gets lost is how much time, craft, blood, sweat and tears go into the work that people are consuming for free or very cheaply. There is a big lack of awareness around this in the industry and it is really hurting us artists and making it difficult for us to earn a respectable living from this profession. It is literally taking food out of our mouths at this point. Read more>>

Juliana Moreno Patel & Ariel Rubin | Creators of Fun at Wild Optimists

Playtesting! Most people think the core work of game design is, well, designing the game. And, of course, that’s a large part of it. But the secret of game design is that most games are made in playtesting, especially if they are doing something totally new. Anytime we design a game, we build out a working prototype and have a wide variety of people play through the game while we watch. We take notes while we watch, paying attention to what people are saying and doing, their body language, how frustrated they are, what they think they should be doing, and lots of other factors. Then we redesign based on what we observed, smoothly out frustration points and adding in as much fun and engagement as possible. Then we test again! Playtesting allows designers to ensure that their work is enjoyable by a large portion of their target audience. We are so grateful to all of our fabulous testers who have struggled through rough games to help us get to our final products. Read more>>

Rommel Villa | Filmmaker

I think the film industry can have a glamorous facade that many times hides the struggles of such a demanding world. It really is a dream come true to be able to attend red carpets and networking events, to get to wear expensive elegant clothes, and to be part of private screenings at the most beautiful theaters in town. However, I don’t think many people know that it is not easy to be part of “Hollywood”. There is so much talent out there and only so many spots for all the productions happening. It can be discouraging to apply to several filmmaking grants, audition for numerous roles, pitch projects to countless production companies, and not get the desired or expected result. The film industry is a tough one, and I think that it requires dedication, passion, patience, perseverance, and in many cases, luck. Read more>>

Lulise | Independent Artist & Songwriter

Being and independent artist in 2021 basically means you run your own record label. When you think of your favorite artist you might think of how talented they are, how well they perform or how much you love their song writing. Well talent, performance and songwriting is literally the tip of the ice berg. Here’s a list of things an independent artist has to do/pay for that you may be unaware of; hiring photographers/taking your own pictures, paying for music video directors/editing your own videos, making a constant stream of content on top of original releases, paying for producers/producing music themselves, recording vocals themselves in their home studios, paying for home studio equipment, paying a stylist/ doing your own hair and make up & styling for videos and photo shoots, submitting your music to every blog that takes submissions, pitching to playlists, booking shows, paying musicians…the list goes on! All while having usually 2 or more part time jobs. Read more>>

808SpinZ | Producer & Engineer

I think people are really unaware of how much work goes into being a producer. Production is really only a small piece of of the pie. The business side is really what you spend the majority of your time handling. I am lucky enough to have brought some new, amazing managers onto my team this year who have really helped me solidify my brand. This industry is cut throat and it is extremely important to know the laws, your rights, and handle everything as soon as it comes up so you don’t get taken advantage of. Read more>>

Dj Bamboozle | DJ, Music Producer

Perfection is essential or the perception of it. As a DJ, every time you set out to play any event, your job is to be perfect and not have an off day. We live in a society today of social media, comparing and contrasting; therefore a mistake or a bad job can last longer than the actual event. The consistency of hard work on your craft will reflect that perfection. Read more>>

Michael Laing | Health Coach, Certified Personal Trainer and Future Registered Dietician ’21

In the Wellness industry you can really think about 2 dramatically different worlds. One that is tied up in the Health insurance world….wellness being one small snippet that really isn’t proactive or promoted much, and then the online world that is a very dangerous place for the average person due to scammers and snake oil ruining it for the really valuable people and advice that is out there. So we think there is an enormous opportunity in the middle – to deliver evidence based ways to improve our lives and be accessible to all. The majority of Healthcare dollars spent are associated with chronic illness – and even during the COVID pandemic, it has been exposed that the #1 problem that America has had is that we are truly a metabolically unhealthy nation. Our goal at Prodhealth is to relieve this enormously inefficient system of the very powers that overwhelm it, by taking chronic illness off of the hospital table and solving it at the kitchen table. Read more>>

Lucy Copp | Independent Audio Producer

Podcasts are actually a lot of work. I mean, you can make a shitty podcast pretty easily. You still need to edit and publish and all that. But like anything, one can exert minimal effort. But to make a quality podcast, one that people want to listen to, one that people will recommend to their friends and co-workers….that takes time, and money if you have it. Last year I did a kickstarter for my podcast Life on the Outside, which is a documentary-style show about returning to society after decades in prison. Every episode shares the story of a different person, sentenced to life in prison, now released. The podcast started as a passion project, and continues to be that, and like many of our passion projects it’s a phenomenal amount of work. The outreach, the interview, the editing, sound design, publishing, and finally promoting. A well-produced episode takes my easily two weeks. Read more>>

Angelica Kanter | A Beauty Industry Expert & Brand Consultant

The one thing about the beauty industry that non-industry folks are unaware of, is that it is not glamorous as one would think it would be. Every day work issues such as HR issues, supply chain issues, etc., exist in any industry, and also the beauty industry. Read more>>

Sinora Glenn | Fashion Designer

I’m a fashion designer for Actor/Rapper Christopher Glenn’s clothing line… Brand62, I am also a third-generation seamstress/designer. I’ve design clothes for music videos, photo shoots and live performances. Most are especially unaware that I am also a Commercial Actress. Read more>>

Ester Partegas | Artist

I am sure outsiders know that artists make art out of necessity and inevitability regardless of economical or social rewards, but they are not aware of the profound commitment and risk it takes at all levels, and how different it is than other “industries” for many reasons. Read more>>