We’ve been fortunate to connect with so many brilliant, thoughtful entrepreneurs and creatives and we regularly ask them about the most important lessons they’ve learned over the course of their careers. We’ve shared some highlights below.

Chloe Allison | President/ Design Director

The most important lesson Alli.C my Children’s apparel brand has taught me is that being a perfectionist is a double edge sward. On one end it’s good, you pay attention to EVERY detail and don’t miss a beat. On the other end you’re so engrossed, even in the little aspects that you can stifle the growth of your business. So, for me it’s a daily work in progress to keep the perfectionist spirit (as I have affectionately coined it) balanced. Keep a bit for quality control, and I try to let the rest go, and hired help to grow my brand. Mistakes will, and still happen even when I do everything myself. The best thing I can do is allow room (and time) for human error because sometimes the most wonderful creative things come from it. Read more>>

Arbella Sawyer | Artist

Honestly, one of my main motivations for success comes from my interactions with the people who follow me online. Being an artist can be especially difficult because we spend most of our time creating alone, and so much of the inspiration in life is found through our connection with others. Especially in these uncertain times since the pandemics, isolation can really take a toll on creativity. About 2 year ago I decided to make my paintings and my processes public, and that changed everything! Through my instagram I consistently get constructive feedback from my audience, and they have even named several of my paintings. Read more>>

Rachel Clinesmith | Makeup Designer/Brand Owner

Having a strong foundation is the most important thing and who you have on your team and in your life will make and break you every single time. Also, Bootstrapping advice doesn’t work most of the time, unless you already have access to credit or capital or you come from a privileged background. The original concept behind “Pull yourself up by your bootstraps.” Was that it was supposed to be this laughably impossible thing that no one can actually do. Yet the entrepreneurship community got a hold of that idea and ran with it. Read more>>

Endonezia Spears | Life & Health Content Creator, Drink Enthusiast, Self-Taught Juicer

The most difficult decision I ever had to make in my business was to rebrand. I think this was the hardest decision because it went against the norm, and the reaction from my supporters would be a direct result of my effort and creativity with my business. Read more>>

Laura Mayo | Writer, Producer, Performer, and Creator of Erie Oregon

I think a lot about decisions as a woman. Yes, both men and women make decisions but for women, there is an added pressure and responsibility. As a woman, any decision we make may be “wrong” or leave us feeling like we should have gone the other direction. I have female friends who got married right away and had children who later confided in me that they were envious of the freedom that non-married, child-free women have. Additionally, I have female friends, myself in this camp, who are unmarried and child-free who are sometimes envious of their married girlfriends with children. Read more>>

Hass Sadeghi | Leadership & Team Alchemist

To close my full-time legal practice, so I could address my burnout & family tragedy. It can be easy to neglect our emotions, setting them aside & pushing thru to achieve. For me, I was pressed to choose the road less traveled by going on sabbatical & creating the space to feel and heal fully. I chose to take time to process old energies, explore my soul’s calling & dive deep into my inner landscape. Read more>>