Making friends as an adult can be HARD.  Some people are exceptionally good at making friends regardless of the stage of life they are at, but for most people we’ve spoken with making friends a few years out of school can be pretty tough, especially if you have recently moved to a new city.  Check out some interesting perspectives below.

Jenny Yuen | Artist / Illustrator

I’ve moved quite a few times in my adult life, from California to Boston, to New York, back to California then to Paris and who knows where next! I can’t say I’m a pro at making friends but I’ve learned a few tricks. Some of the same tips that work for dating, also work for meeting new friends. That old saying of “you have to put yourself out there” and not expect your new best friend to come knocking on your door, I think is really important. Read more>>

Jenny Austin | Producer, Actress & Journalist

The best way to make friends is simply by opening yourself up to options, even if it feels counter-intuitive at first. When I moved to LA from North Carolina after my college graduation, I barely knew anyone. I was desperate for a roommate, and looking back, I was probably a little bit too trusting. Eventually, I met an amazing woman on Craigslist from Finland – and we still keep in touch today. Unfortunately, one of my roommates in that situation wasn’t so cool. With the help of a childhood best friend, I was able to break my lease. Read more>>

Alexandra Duparc | Musician, Screenwriter & Founder of Treehouse

Bandwidth is what shifted my perspective on forming friendships in adulthood. Once I looked at my emotional energy as a pool of fuel available to me, I was able to allocate it. When I don’t, I find myself scattered and drained. When I meet someone new and that I like, I tend to look for something we can help each other with. What can we create together? What could we bond over? What will help bring about a better world for ourselves or others? I think this takes root in the discovery of what’s important. Read more>>

Hallo Smith | Photographer & Model

Take people for who they are. I don’t place the expectations I have for myself on anyone else. Instead, I find it easier to make friends as an adult when we’re open and supportive of who someone else really is. As kids we’re all figuring out who we are so it’s easy to make friends anybody, whereas with adults it can be tougher since we can be more set in our ways and live in our own hermetically sealed bubbles. My number one rule for building a great friendship: invest! Listen, learn, support, be open-minded, less judgemental, allow room for error, travel together, and be generous with each other. Read more>>

Ravell Robinson | Painter and Photographer

1st off, There is no real Art to making friends… We can’t casually make friends much anymore; Because it has become a digital affair. We are either socializing with strangers through our television screens via video game systems; or mashing a keyboard in front of a smartphone screen. Socializing is about tone. It’s about touch, and interaction. You wanna make friends? Meet people, Talk to people, and Socialize. That is how you make friends! Read more>>

Christianna Carmine | Film/T.V. Director

I genuinely like people so I believe that has a lot to do with my ability to forge long lasting relationships throughout my life. I believe that developing good and solid relationships in adulthood requires us to adopt a bit of what made it so easy as children and young adults – in short, the desire to make friends. Often, as we grow older, we also grow more suspicious of others and their “angle”. Read more>>

Shea Knowles | Artist/Instruntor

Making friends starts when we are young and can influence the way we make friends as an adult. I was a shy and highly sensitive child, but still had a lot of friends in-spite of my insecurities. I will say, that it wasn’t always easy. I believe we all have things in common…especially our uniqueness! We are all apart of the ocean of life. We can make friends where ever we may be in that ocean. Our personalities and our essence can and will show forth if we let it, along with being open and authentic. Read more>>