We had the good fortune of connecting with Ravell Robinson and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Ravell , life can be so busy as an adult, and for many, especially those who’ve moved to a new city, making friends can be hard. We’d love to hear your thoughts?
1st off, There is no real Art to making friends… We can’t casually make friends much anymore; Because it has become a digital affair. We are either socializing with strangers through our television screens via video game systems; or mashing a keyboard in front of a smartphone screen. Socializing is about tone. It’s about touch, and interaction. You wanna make friends? Meet people, Talk to people, and Socialize. That is how you make friends!

Let’s talk shop? Tell us more about your career, what can you share with our community?
My art has a type of surreal yet, Whimsical aura around it. But, at the same time; it is very complex… My artwork is sort of like my journal. So I guess you can call it a surreal flashback into the past. I love the experience of art, and life taking place at the same time. As for what I am most proud of; Just before the pandemic. I’d flown to Denver To hangout with my best friend, And catch up on some artwork. And while there,We started filming a documentary. And discussing distribution and expansion. So we are doing well in that category so far. And I’m proud of that because it’s a mutual project. On the other side there is my own personal brand RavellXIV (14) It’s been around since 2015; late 2015. But I didn’t really start seeing anything until around the time I first came to Los Angeles. Sunset made me feel that I had made it… And I have been working hard ever since then. I have huge gratitude for the whole city of LA. When I 1st signed up to dedicate my life to art, I did not realize just how draining it would be. I Suffered with depression for a long time, The fact that I was trying to create a brand with my art… That mentally fractured me. But my grandmother told me the reason why things aren’t working for you… is because you don’t give your time to God. So I started going back to church And Letting God lead the way. While I don’t truly consider myself a religious man… I do know that there is a God. And the depression no longer really gives me issues… because I am here to focus on what’s there, with dedication. I realize things are much more valuable when you put yourself into them; And knowing that gives me confidence. Because I know, I have to be the best me; that I can be. I want the world to know that if your dreams are worth it to you… pursue them no matter what the world says. The world isn’t your shadow; So just do you. (Virtual Gallery)Instagram: RavellXIVRobinson

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?
I don’t really eat out… I love to cook; But… My favorite place to be in the city is the LáBrea Tar pits… It’s like being in a Time Machine, and seeing creatures that you grew up with; Even though they have been extinct for millions of years. And that to me is really intrigueing! I used to love playing with dinosaurs, and ancient creatures while making sculptures out of aluminum foil. So being at the pits makes me feel like a kid again. And that feeling is great for stimulating the imagination.

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
My shoutout dates back to my very 1st art showcase. I started painting January 3rd, 2015. Those first several months were basically unknown training for my very 1st Art Show. But little did I know, I would meet the woman that would very much change the tide of my art and career. August 13, 2015 [Maybe 6:55pm] Location:”PoP!”ArtShow Baton Rouge,LA Varsity Theater I just finish setting up my area; and I’m headed to the car to grab my Paintings. When I meet this Asian lady and bald guy, who turns to be really Flippin Cool. She started documenting my work that night. While at the same time being an amazing artist herself… she’s my number one favorite living artist and inspiration! But… I have to give a shout out to my 2nd favorite as well for inspiration Ms.Francois Gilot. “I think she’s the Betty White of the art world!” Old but wonderful. But, I digress… let me introduce you to my best friend in the entire world! “TEX” aka Hobo Smutt And from Jackson to Denver to Los Angeles … she’s been by my side the whole way.

Website: https://hobosmutt.wixsite.com/hobosmutt
Instagram: Instagram.com/RavellXIVRobinson
Facebook: www.fb.com/hobosmutt

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