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Hi Aparna, can you talk to us a bit about the social impact of your business?
I have two main aspects of my Ayurveda business. One is product-driven. The other is focused on spiritual mentoring. What the world needs today are tools to re-connect with oneself and with Nature. The pain and suffering of disconnection in the individual is great – it affects the body, our relationships, our sense of belonging and being. Ayurveda is an ancient system of life and living that helps us to reconnect to the essence of our being – consciousness. In this state we can discover who we really are and our full potential and create a life of presence, fulfillment and meaning. I use consciousness-based techniques and Ayurvedic lifestyle, nutrition and meditation to support people in returning to this innate balance we all crave. When we can anchor ourselves in our true nature, we can create magic in all aspects of our lives. How I use Ayurveda is practical AND spiritual. Each client learns Heart-Based Meditation. Each person is on their own unique journey through practices that support them. One person at a time, we can bring great transformation to the world.

Today the world is craving connection. People seek it through various means. The most ancient system of health and well-being has sought to alleviate suffering that results from this disconnection. The most foundational connection is to our own consciousness. Once we tap into this possibility, our outer life is filled with potential, fulfillment and happiness. Ultimately, we all want happiness. Even the most misaligned action we take is for the sake of happiness. What I teach and share are tools, lifestyle habits and ways of being that expands our consciousness.
The shift that is required for the expansion of consciousness is simple. We take our focus on the external and bring to inward. The fatigue from overstimulation, over-doing is tremendous. The nervous system is over-taxed and unable to rest and digest the numerous experiences and information we take in continually. The Ayurvedic way of life is most conducive for our well-being – it is intuitive, individually focused and easy to practice.
The need for consciousness is greater now that ever before. As a spiritual mentor, I see the deep need for this transformation both collectively and individually. Once a person settles into this commitment to their own well-being and health, the results start to show up rather quickly.  What sets my business apart is that is it completely focused on the well-being of the client – spiritual, mental and physical. It is designed for the greater well-being of the client. It is an intimate journey together and is based on a fierce commitment to dissolve the old and create a new way. We explore every spiritual and practical aspect of life to refine it, heal parts that need healing and create inner freedom. This kind of shift affects not only the client but also all their relationships thereby creating a ripple effect.

What should our readers know about your business?
My vision has been to share the beauty and gifts of Ayurveda in the US. Ayurveda is relevant today because of the degree of disconnection that exists today and the suffering this disconnection brings. My brand is based on only one point – knowing oneself deeply and being consistently engaged in that knowing. I myself had to go through a transformational process to grow this business. What is different about my work that sets me apart from others is that my life and my business are one and the same. I dont’ sell or teach anything that I don’t practice myself. There are two components to my business – spiritual mentoring and an Ayurvedic product line. They go hand-in-hand because the mentoring is based on Ayurveda and consciousness. It wasn’t easy to start a business. And it is not for everyone. Running your own business requires tremendous focus, clarity and organization. But more than that, it requires a consistent devotion to the reason behind the business. My reason is that I want people to know that there is an option besides suffering. As a spiritual mentor and in my own personal journey I have witnessed every kind of suffering. I have seen how much the old programming can have a hold on the individual. If I can continue to show my clients who they are in the depth of the heart space and guide them to connect to that each day, I know I am watching them awaken and come alive in a beautiful way. The Ayurvedic product line is a beautiful way to start recognizing that the body is sacred and it too is made of consciousness. For many of my clients, learning to care for the body is a first step in the spiritual process. Understanding the body-mind connection and experiencing one’s own consciousness is itself healing. I developed a tumor on my thyroid 20 years ago. It scared me into focusing on refining my habits and belief systems. It is also the point where my career began to develop. Over the years, I worked as a chef at the Chopra Center in Carlsbad, CA. I cooked for many clients who wanted better health. Ayurveda makes sense – it helps us to know our personal, inimitable self and in knowing this we can return to balance and well-being in each season and each year. There is no room for fads or quick fixes. This is a long-range, slow, intuitive and methodical approach to well-being. Ayurveda is thousands of years old is truly ageless and timeless. I show my clients that true healing is very possible and the mechanism for this healing exists within them. The greatest lesson I have learned is this – Invest in oneself every single day and life will reward you richly. I am a self-professed queen of self-care. I do not miss meditation, exercise and Ayurvedic self-care practices for any reason. This sense of self-responsibility has given me the grounded, joyful, content feeling that many of us long for. I want everyone to know that we are each here to create fulfillment and joy in our lives. Pain is part of life, but suffering is an old paradigm of living. The new way is the way of consciousness. It is in you, as you. Discover it. Engage it. Your inner treasures await you.

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
MY beloved teachers Sadhguru and Dr. Paul Dugliss

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