We had the good fortune of connecting with Asia Little and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Asia, can you walk us through the thought-process of starting your business?
To be completely honest, I am still in complete shock that I have started my own business, the past two years of my life have been very eye opening and changing for me mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I went through a revelation and that has lead me here, although I am labeled as a business owner I see myself a part of a community, I want to feel connected with my costumers on a personal level, I want them to feel every ounce of love, healing, sorrow, sadness, happiness, strength and joy that I have experienced and transmuted into my products because My Journey Is Healing Shop is not focused on the destination but the journey back to self. How do we return home to ourselves after being knocked down by life? The journey of coming home to ourselves after we’ve experienced any form of grief, loss, or pain. when someone disappoints us, hurt us, we have all experienced loss right? one way or another, life is about loss, but it is also how we deal with loss and how get up, how we learn and cope with our loss. It teaches us to allow ourselves to experience the uncertainty of tomorrow, life is unpredictable, and, in a way, I am so glad that it is, the past two years, I have dedicated myself to a lot of shadow work, healing my inner child and facing my abandonment wounds. My Journey Is Healing Shop is a way I have decided to give myself flowers for the past couple of years I have dedicated myself to healing, spiritual growth, emotional and mental healing. Throughout my life, I have endured a lot of trials and tribulations, a lot of grieving, pain, and loss, but the inner healer in me has given me the strength to tell my story and be a healer to others and myself. Therefore, speaking my thought process behind starting my own business was to find the inner strength in myself and keep going, to know that I am so much stronger than my pain and that I am forever healing, to be a guiding light and strength for someone who has not found their inner strength in themselves yet.

Alright, so let’s move onto what keeps you busy professionally?
Art has always been my creative outlet; I truly believe God knows the tools we need to survive our journey in life until he calls us home. That is why we all have a specific purpose, path, destiny, and spiritual gifts. Apart from being a new business owner, I am also a writer. I have been writing since I was 12 and writing has always been my safe space. Growing up I did internalize a lot because I was an introvert. A lot of kids had toys, but I had my journal. I wrote so many short stories to distract myself from reality, as a kid your imagination is your reality. Over the years, I have been able to connect with my writings in a way that has became my safe space for expressing myself without feeling guilt or shame. I can speak in third person when I am writing and myself and that is my way of having conversations with myself that I could never have with anyone else. I isolated myself a lot over the years to deal with my childhood trauma as an adult and writing has been my source of strength. I can speak my truth unapologetically and I feel through my writings I am able to speak for those who are afraid to tell their truth. I am mostly proud to serve my community. I enjoy humanitarian work, I truly believe we are here on this earth to teach, serve, love, and help one another. I look forward to focusing more on young girl/women development with my business. I want to assist young girls with focusing on self-love and healing themselves.

None one can get to where there are without trial and error. It takes much faith and an inner confidence without the external validation from anyone to go after your dreams and fight for your vision, even if that means standing alone in it. I am very ambition woman, but I only focus on what resonates with my heart and soul. I listen to my intuition very carefully. I truly believe to go after what you want you must have a strong core and know who you are! it is so important to never lose yourself in this world. It was not easy for me to get to where I am, I have faced so many discouraging moments and seasons where I had little to no faith and that was the hardest for me to accept, to accept I am at rock bottom, but I give a lot of credit to my spirituality for where I am today. The lessons I’ve learned along the way are patience and faith. Patience because our timing is not our own and we must learn that we cannot control everything, I must say the past two years of growth has taught me to release control.

I would like the world to know my brand/ business My Journey Is Healing Shop is a service to the community. I am here to serve, grow and heal with you. I am still healing many layers and I would like everyone to come as they are, to know no matter where you are on your healing journey that your pain, trauma, and agony is valid, it is present, and it is acknowledged by me. I care and I am here to raise the vibration for healing and release the stigma we have in general surrounding how our healing must look, feel and be seen by others to be valid. My Journey Is Healing Shop is a community-based business focusing on healing. My Journey Is Healing has been my mantra for many years. I pray my shop is in alignment with the souls who are searching, the wanderers of life, the wounded but warriors. I pray my business comforts you with so much peace, understanding and love. I thank you in advance for your support.

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?
I am from Newark, New Jersey but growing up I didn’t appreciate nature the way that I do now, and I take advantage of this now. I’m such a nature lover, tree hugger, animal lover. Anything that involves being barefoot, green scenery and animals automatically has my attention. I usually do not go out much but if I do, I am always looking for a new adventure. I enjoy museums because I love history and I believe it is important to always expand our knowledge and never stop learning. I am also a vegan! that’s right I said it ha-ha, I’m always interested in introducing my friends to my kind of food and educating them on why it is so important to be health conscious and take good care of our temple (body). I spend a lot of my time in New York City because they have so many eateries and I love FOOD! who doesn’t. If with a friend’ I’d recommend a spa day, a concert because I love music, anything that involves good energy, calm and relaxation.

The Shoutout series is all about recognizing that our success and where we are in life is at least somewhat thanks to the efforts, support, mentorship, love and encouragement of others. So is there someone that you want to dedicate your shoutout to?
First and foremost, Glory to God! Always, secondly so many people have contributed to my growth and who I am as an individual. My mother has been such an amazing source of love, light, strength, she has been my balance and I am so grateful for her. I love you. I would not be the woman I am today without giving honor to the women who came before me, my mentor Denise Grant, I am so forever grateful for your guidance, love, and support, I love you so much. I am an advocate for mental health being someone who suffers from depression it is so important that we share and inform every one of the resources we have around us. Four years ago, I had experienced a traumatic abusive relationship and I had to seek therapy. I came across Therapy for Black Girls podcast by host, creator, and therapist Dr. Joy Harden Bradford who I had reached out too, and she was such a big help and support for my journey with therapy. I had talked about seeking therapy but felt very afraid to admit I needed help. Therapy for Black Girls is an online space dedicated to encouraging the mental wellness o Black women and girls. Please do not hesitate to reach out to her. Lastly, an author I must give a lot of credit to because she has contributed so much growth, knowledge, and wisdom into to my life. Nikki Giovanni, she is a hero with her words and by action. I am a huge Nikki Giovanni fan and I’d love to meet her one day. *Fingers crossed* “She knows who she is because she knows who she isn’t.
– Nikki Giovanni

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