We had the good fortune of connecting with Farrah Ng and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Farrah, what led you to pursuing a creative path professionally?
When I’ve entered my mid-20s, I realized that it’s up to you to decide whether you’re alright with your career path because you’re the one living in that reality. There’s always going to be societal expectations of what people should do for their career path based on their circumstances. Growing up in Hong Kong, most of my peers grew up to pursue corporate paths as that’s what their family wants them to, or their education led them to that, etc. I followed that path as well and started to reevaluate my life decisions in the last 2 years of college in the states. I was often asked about what I wanted to do with my life afterwards and I would always come up with a reason that sounded logical but it was never what I really wanted to do.

I’ve always had a passion for music ever since I was young, and played the drums for years because I truly loved rhythm. Later on, I realized I loved experiencing live music and music was my escape for everything growing up. When I felt alone, I had music and it understood me more than any person can.

I tried to become a hip hop choreographer when I was in college because YouTube showed me that it is possible to have an artistic career. However, I realized my true passion came from the music and that being able to create something with all of my musical influences appealed to me.

CD shops and the internet were my sources of discovery at the time. I found out more about electronic dance music and became addicted to discovering more types of it.

As Soundcloud became a prominent platform for music creators, I have witnessed people who could survive off of creating music and performing it live. That was when it all clicked. Every life experience has led me to choose this as my career path and I can’t imagine doing anything else because music comes so naturally to me. I have tried doing corporate work for 3 years and I don’t want to wake up every morning regretting that I did not give my best shot in pursuing a music career.

Alright, so let’s move onto what keeps you busy professionally?
I believe that each person’s art is unique in a sense that if they gather all of their influences, life experiences, moods, and then put them altogether in a container, which metaphorically speaking is our art, then it will set itself apart because nobody has the same exact influences unless they are deliberately copying another person’s style. Even then, it would not be 100% identical, only similar to it.

As my influences come from being a drummer, falling in love with hip hop/r&b through choreography on YouTube, and then discovering electronic trap music through that, I have gathered all of my energetic and dancey, dark and ominous style from that. Nowadays, I am inspired by anime becuase of the art styles, brilliant storytelling, and the entire journey of emotions that it takes. The attention to detail is impeccable and I like to combine all of those elements into my music.

Every song that I make is the combination of those influences and my goal is to be able to capture those emotions from the immediate moment a person presses play. From the beginning to end, I want to listeners to be able to feel like they were on a ride of emotions because music is supposed to touch those feelings. Whether it is a high energy, club suitable tune but with an ominous, mysterious, dark introduction, or a mind bending song with unthinkable sounds, I want to create music that make people want to relive again and again no matter where they are or how long it has been since the song came out.

I am proud of how my journey has been. Although at times, it feels slow when it comes to the amount of oppportunities I have to perform, but I am proud of how each day, I am improving on my craft and I have found where my edge is. I can comfortably say that I am happy with each song that I finish and that I’ve pushed myself to try something new, that is not identical to songs that I have made previously.

I got to where I am today through motivation from friends and family, as well as self discipline. I am the type of person that could forget about time whenever I am focused on one thing and I believe that doing some creative work every day no matter how big or small is how a person could steadily improve.

Other than having a steady work ethic for the craft, I believe that opportunities came by word of mouth or self discovery through soundcloud or spotify. I think that being a part of different communities online and building friendships that way over time by interacting with people in the states through discord servers, chatting with other artists, starting friendships by the mutual love for music and respect to each other’s art is how things will happen naturally.

I felt that my journey in music has not been easy because there are many times when I would like to take the next step for my career such as doing more shows internationally, but there are more obstacles for that and it has hindered me from growing as an artist faster. However, that also gave me more time to focus on my craft, which mattered the most at the end as I believe that honing your craft to the highest degree is what sets people apart and is what gives a career longevity.

An important lesson that I have learned along the way is to never take anyone or anything (including opportunities no matter big or small) for granted. As there are many artists wanting the same thing, which is to be able to make a career out of doing what they love, it is easy to get caught up in the amount of praises and support, but the truth is that people don’t need to go out of their way to show you love and they still do at the end because they really believe in you. People will come in and out of your life but what really matters at the end is that you’re doing art because you love it, even when there’s no one cheering you on. When I get lost in time creating music, I don’t think about who’s going to praise me or anything like that, I get excited because of what I can create. Anything else is just cherry on top.

I hope that anyone who wants to pursue anything they are passionate about but don’t have the perfect circumstances to succeed in your industry knows that you just have to work with what you have and be grateful of everything no matter how big or small it is. Sometimes having blind faith that it will all work out somehow is what keeps me going even though it seems as if there’s no light at the end of the tunnel.

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?
Hong Kong is such a nice blend of being a modern neon city and also a place with a deeply rooted Chinese culture. I would take my best friend to firstly go to a place called Mongkok. It is the most aesthetically pleasing place to be at for night time because of all the neon street signs and it is notorious for being the inspiration behind Hollywood films, certain animes, and it looks futuristic. It is also a place where all the best street food are located at for a cheap price. Although it’s not comfortable, but you can easily go through the streets to try some staples such as the egg waffle, curry fishballs, siu mai (which is just made out of flour and mixed with soy sauce), egg tarts, fried calamari, or even this stinky tofu that a lot of tourists want to try and see whether the taste is as bad as the smell.

There’s also different types of Asian food as well, such as korean fried chicken with different dips, sushi rolls on the go with fresh sashimi, kebabs, pizza, and all kinds of Taiwanese milk tea with boba.

If they are a fan of anime, there’s a huge mall to go with all sorts of figurines and merchandise for that. I go there often to pick up some collectibles and there’s also phone cases or Japanese imported magazines there.

I would also take them to a place called Tsim Sha Tsui because it has the best night view to see the skyline of Hong Kong by the harbour. There’s also a ferry that we could take from there to go across to Central, which is where all the commercial buildings or clubs/bars are to stop by for a drink. Although the music is from the early 2000s, it’s always nice to just chill at a nice bar during night time to chat.

Other than the busy center of the city, I live outside of it, which is around 45 minutes away and that’s where there’s more greenery or water. It is more of a calmer atmosphere because it’s a residential area. There’s also a small beach that is a nice place to wind down and chat about life.

The great thing about Hong Kong is that there’s malls everywhere, so no matter where you are, there’s bound to be a mall with food ranging from expensive to cheap and with different cultures from Asian to American to European.

Lastly, I would take them to the Peak, which is the highest point on top of a mountain near Central. It is a tourist spot where people can take a beautiful picture of the entire skyline from a high point and the view is absolutely breathtaking at night.

The Shoutout series is all about recognizing that our success and where we are in life is at least somewhat thanks to the efforts, support, mentorship, love and encouragement of others. So is there someone that you want to dedicate your shoutout to?
I would like to thank my team, Dariel, who is my manager, and Abby, who has helped with many aspects of my project. Both of them have supported me no matter which direction I decide to take with my music. They have had unwavering belief for me and my project since the early stages. I truly do not know how I managed everything on my own beforehand because I can’t imagine not having them through every step of the way.

Throughout these past few years, I have grown close to people who I have connected through the Internet more than people I have known in real life and I would like to thank them for offering words of encouragement whenever it’s needed, support for each other, their time and effort to maintain these relationships regardless of how busy their lives get. I will never take them for granted. I have met some of these friends in real life and it feels surreal to be able to connect with people digitally and then be able to have real experiences next to them. It means more than my words can express and I feel the power in these bonds.

I would like to also thank Spenser, Harri, and Jake. All of them have worked with me closely recently for my artistic visions such as creating the artwork and videos. It has been a beautiful experience getting to know them and to see how our ideas collide to create something unique.

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