We had the good fortune of connecting with Gab The Sandbox and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hey Gab, so we have been keeping up with your journey for quite some time now and you’ve always been very keen on releasing Music that is very personal to you. With all the things that have been going on over the past year or so how have you been and how has it influenced your music?
I’ve been hanging in there man. Growing is the word I use to best describe my journey. I’m constantly reinventing myself and over the course of Quarantine found plenty of excuses to look deeper within myself and to become the most refined version of myself that I could possibly be. While in quarantine I also made a lot of music, one of those Songs being my latest Single “Solo”.

What is your latest Single “Solo” about?
Solo as the title hints at, is very much about letting go of things that previously in my life felt so permanent only for them to come to endings that felt bitter sweet. I say these things with a heavy heart as its really a topic that touches me in a way that no other does at the moment. It sucks but sometimes in life when you want to become the best version of yourself that you could possibly be, you have to erase all the other things that are standing in the way of you writing what’s next to come.

In “Solo” you often times reference the act of moving on. What does moving on mean to you?
Man. Moving on is so important to your growth as a person for real. I move on quick, my mind is always racing and searching for new things to do, new ideas to execute on, I always have my Game face on haha. But there do come those times in my life where I will encounter certain things that are so close to my heart, that make it seem hard to move on or keep going. I sometimes think to myself in those moments, how could I move on? But it’s in the next where I find myself searching for any leeway to be able to get over those feelings and to escape those emotions of “what could have been”. When I need to move on, I try to heal from those things the best and only ways I l know how, Self expression. Things like Music, Skateboarding, talking to a friend through a problem. All things that I hold very close.

How does your writing process usually go?
Funny thing about that, so I don’t have like a WAY that I go about it each time. I get inspired and then the magic happens after. But usually how it goes for me, I end up making a beat and then while I’m producing the beat, depending on if the beat inspires something out of me or not, I will write on whatever emotion the beat brings out of me, and then it comes to switch-ups, chord changes and all that other good stuff, to where its all a flow of ideas. If after 8 bars of a Song I feel like it needs a bridge I’m gonna make sure that Song has a fucking bridge after 8 bars haha.

So we understand you are working on an EP and also an Album. How do you balance working on two projects at once while also maintaining a personal life? That’s a great word. Balance. I really try to balance all aspects of my life by what it is I want to do and also by what I need to do to get to where I want to be. These days I’m honestly working 24/7 because with all of the things that I’m working on, to find success in what I do, it takes exactly that. Sure I think I’m talented but hard work beats talent any day and that’s what really matters. Aside from that though I really try to reward myself for the hard work I put in, so if I just spent 8 hours working on a Music Video edit in Premiere, I like to allow myself time away from it after and just be able to let go and let loose with some video games, skating or just any other fun hobbies really!

That’s Amazing! With that being said, my final question. Why did you pursue a career in music and what do you enjoy most about doing what you do?
It’s crazy I have been an artist ever since I could walk and use markers, so naturally pursuing a career in that field was a no-brainer for me. My parents were also both musicians and into to fashion design before I was even a thought so that makes my turning making music into a career even more of a no-brainer. But whilst I started doing all this stuff out of the genuine love for it (which is still the main reason at the core of it all), one of the main reasons I do it now is for the fans and all the people who I can inspire in some way. I just want to be able to look back at my life someday and be able to say that I was able to have positive impact on someone’s life. I think that’s what creates real legacy.

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