We had the good fortune of connecting with Jenny Koesling and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Jenny, why did you pursue a creative career?
After a period of time- two decades- of working with someone else’s dream, my dream began to scream back at me. I think it’s critical to listen to your inner voice and mine was telling me to express. Express hard! Express often. And to start wherever Spirit led me that day. It could be making toast with the perfect spread of butter. Or writing some lyrics down or photographing something passing by on a stream. It could be a communication between myself and another. Corresponding in some way with a divine light in any manner- saying something gorgeous. Expression came up like a wellspring. Trying to stifle that any longer caused me a lot of pain and there was an ache that I had to address. So it was just really about rebirthing the artist inside of me and allowing her to make everything around her more beautiful, with her words or whatever it was I was feeling inspired to share or create.

Let’s talk shop? Tell us more about your career, what can you share with our community?
I became someone who stuck my neck out on the chopping block and maintained my head. Ha! What I mean by this is, I started coming out of the spiritual closet. I was experiencing phenomena and insight coming from the higher realms all of the time- starting from when I was thirty years old until now- and it was happening constantly. This was actually following a stop gap of experiences that happened when I was little, when I saw an angel in my house. And I started talking about it to LOTS OF PEOPLE. That was the first thing I needed to do. Outside of not telling anyone, which really hurt. Sharing my experiences opened me up to a lot more people who were touched by what I was sharing, and my heart was touched in the process of receiving their confirmation and by hearing their stories and experiences. This process happened in my private world and it helped me to lay the foundation for what my life wanted to become and created a comfort ability. Then I began to weave this side of my life into my art. My first angel readings were in bars in Laguna Beach, with totally normal roots. That was a practice ground and I received a lot of hugs from the people that I was guided to speak to. Then I had an opportunity to use my clairaudient and clairvoyant gifts with a podcast and offered phone readings to callers, while interviewing guests on our show. Later, I did audience readings and spoken word at places like The Unity Church in Santa Barbara and The Conscious Life Expo in LA. That timeframe spanned ten years and it was really the BEGINNING of the creation of my spiritual business. After being asked to speak on panels as an Angel expert, and similar opportunities during this time frame, I realized that I couldn’t push it to the side any longer. I had to address this gift. And the messages about my next steps kept coming. I could not turn them off, nor would I have wanted to. All the while, I was working my day job of interior design and project managing home renovations, while doing these readings, and crafting a collection of healing candles at night. These candles worked with Intention, and the concept of setting intentions. I created the company, Vive Aguanile Luxury Healing Candles in 2010. It received a lot of press at first, as I worked on getting my candles with sunken healing crystals and aromatherapy into the luxury market. This was before Goop and lots of other crystal candles showed up on the scene, which made spiritual healing more fashionable and mainstream. And I had a goal to place them on shelves in the luxury marketplace and to become the go-to gal for a luxury healing candle… a candle that would address any theme someone would encounter on their life path. An archetype candle… with a succinct name to match the candle’s intention, a propriety aromatherapy blend, a sunken crystal that matched the intention, a guidance card insert, and angelic/ reiki healing that you would receive from burning the candle. I hit it out of the park at first. It really surprised me where I was being asked to participate, within my first year. These candles were in several celebrity gift bags, a few golf tournament gift bags, and they received some nice media inclusion and press. I am very proud of those experiences and moments. There was even a miracle involved. One woman wrote me a nice email thanking me for her candle that she received in the mail. It was the love candle called ‘Shangri La’. I had met her, an actress, at the gift lounge for the award recipients at MTV Movie Awards show. When I met her, I had just run out of candles, and could not provide her with one. When I received her note, I had not mailed her a candle yet. It had only been a couple of days since the event. But yet, she assured me it was my logo and candle and name, and everything, and said it came in the mail with no note! Experiences like this were important for me to remember for later… This type of success didn’t hold steady over these last ten years. I had the challenge of accepting that I had to ask for capital to raise my company to a place of what would be considered successful. But instead of contacting investors, I went back to work and got another job. And I think my experience as an entrepreneur battling real setbacks is so critical for reaping grater rewards in the long game, but it was really bittersweet to do this. Making that pivot served as a divining rod of emotional intelligence, that I could only have acquired in situations like this, where I was NOT emotionally fulfilled. For me, to have worked for other people’s dreams for many years allowed me the opportunity to learn from hard knocks, to glean insight and efficiencies from being incorporated in their strategies for running a successful business, and to solidly accept that I am willing to make the sacrifices it requires. I had to recognize that there is a sacred balance to all of the inspiration and spiritual goodies, and it’s in rooting down and getting real. From these experiences, I shifted my question from ‘who am I and what purpose am I serving the world? to ‘WHO’S am I and what is He/She/It wanting to create through me?’. Talk about relaxing! Source energy! God stuff. I realized it’s not ALWAYS my business to sort out everything all of the time. Or to even judge my progress. I realized that The Universe has my back. And it’s only my business to SHOW UP. Just do that everyday. Even if my guidance is to rest, to take a nap or go on a walk. This is how I’m being cared for, so when the next opportunity strikes, I’m ready. I receive so much more peace and understanding to apply to my next steps in those moments, than I ever could do pushing for a desired outcome. That was a hard pill to swallow at first, and I have tapped into that space ever since, with the creation of my latest brand which is set to debut this winter 2020. Whether this new label is a financial success or not, my ultimate goal is to understand my gifts, know that they’re rich, stop shrinking, and use them all up in this lifetime. What has kept me going through all these ups and downs, and feeds me the most, is INSPIRATION. And lots of quiet time. My greatest resource comes from being outside, walking in nature. I’m also listening to good music constantly, instead of watching television. And I’m typically paying attention to how other people are inspired to do their art- whatever it is. I’m curious as to how they are channeling and bringing the information through. Whether it’s a musician, painter, chef, or DIY-er. It tickles me to see the Divine Imprint at play in all of us. And I do have a secret: I visualize quite a bit. When I see it in my mind’s eye, I get so pumped up! It’s really cute, if I do say so myself, because this usually happens while I’m on a run and it puts more pep in my step. Maybe I high five a plant. Maybe I add an extra lap. I definitely add more energy to whatever I’m doing at the time and it communicates back to me that this is good- this thing I’m thinking about. I realize that these visualizations may not materialize right away, or even in this lifetime, but I have a dream that plays out like a movie in my mind and it pushes me. Some of it would seem totally impossible or ridiculous to other people, so I don’t really tell people what it is that I’m seeing for my life. I just aim to achieve it privately, and I protect it until I feel safe in sharing it. To me, it’s like my higher self is a NEON ANGEL, which sounds funny but it’s true. And she shows me what would fill me with more light. And all I want to do, is to go do these things. Odd sometimes, but visualization is a sacred process for me. And lastly, I’ve accepted that I work best in urges and I’m okay with that. To try to be the workhorse producer of my former years would leak my energy. I’m happiest as a visionary. So when I get the urge, I ace it. I go out and I get a bunch of stuff done. Then I relax and trust until the next urge comes. And they always come in waves. And I always like what shows up when I’m not forcing it.

Let’s say your best friend was visiting the area and you wanted to show them the best time ever. Where would you take them? Give us a little itinerary – say it was a week long trip, where would you eat, drink, visit, hang out, etc.
After arriving at LAX, I would gather my guests and whisk them right over to Venice Beach. It’s the perfect first stop and always has such a sunny disposition! We would then drive them by iconic Venice views like the boardwalk, the canals, Rose Avenue and finally descend upon Abbot Kinney Boulevard. At that time, it’s always a toss up between drinks and eats at Hama Sushi, a long-time favorite in Venice Circle, or down to the hip and centrally-located Wabi for incredible sushi, sashimi, and ambiance facing the boulevard drag of cars and passer-bys. Walking down Abbot Kinney after a meal is always a treat. We’d peruse some shops, like the colorful Sabah House tucked behind gorgeous overgrown plants, for some fun trying on Turkish slippers. And right next door, we can grab an elixir at The Shroom Room, which is quite a concept! This little spot looks like a fairy glade-turned- tasting room, and offers mushroom-based sips from the brand Four Sigmatic. I never leave there without buying something new. Who wouldn’t want to detox, anti-age and feel amazing from the start of their day with their morning cup of Joe? I’ve been drinking mushroom coffee for years, and no this isn’t a paid advertisement but everybodyneedstoknowaboutthis. If my guests are still up for more sunny California vibes at this point, it’s time to scoot! There’s a scooter rental place on the boardwalk, and from here we would head down to the Santa Monica Pier to grab a beer at Big Dean’s under the pier. They always have fun music, a casual vibe, funny servers, and an open patio with amazing sea breezes and sports on screens. For dinner, I would suggest heading back for a more plant-based balance at The Butcher’s Daughter. This restaurant has turned vegetarian food on it’s head. It’s an absolutely gorgeous space with loads of plants hanging from the ceiling, and it offers a variety of flavorful meals like the Angel Hair Carbonara made with spaghetti squash. Earlier in the week and before the crowds and traffic hours, hiking in Topanga Canyon is a must. It’s a super haven, ‘Heaven on Earth’ in the Santa Monica Mountains right above Malibu. I always find these hikes to be very healing for the beauty it holds, the animals you see down the path, and also challenging, if I go to the top of Eagle Rock. You can scale the side of this rock, and rest for a bit, which is about 4 miles from parking near the Trippet Ranch entrance. Afterwards, stopping through town in shops like Pebbles for beach wear, and Jalan Jalan Imports is key. Jalan Jalan is built around a natural waterfall with ancestral roots, and offers lots of beautiful huge crystals and outdoor furniture from Bali, with giant Buddha statues that you can curl up into. Dinner afterwards at The Inn of the Seventh Ray is a must. It embodies the purest Topanga magic and ambiance, settled down near a creek with outdoor dining. Most of the tables are set beneath sparking chandeliers hanging from huge grandmother oak trees, and twinkling lights. It’s pretty romantic with the warm soft lighting, but bring a scarf and change of clothes for the cooler drop in temperature. And we can’t forget the more plastic side of LA, too. and not in a bad way, a fun way! It’s what everyone sees on television and wants to discover when they visit, too, so driving up Sunset from Malibu and shopping on Melrose in the designer showrooms is one option. Lunch and dinner anywhere in West Hollywood is always excellent, and well-threaded, so we would need to dress nicely for any of these celebrity-seeking locations. If my guests are looking for more a scene, I would definitely take them to Cecconi’s for Happy Hour and Dan Tanas for dinner. After all of this, I would want to offer my friends a well-balanced close to the week, so they can also receive some inspiration and relaxation, too. It wouldn’t feel right to let them leave without taking them to be inspired by the art, exhibits, and jazz at LACMA on Wednesday night. Then there’s Sunday brunch downtown at Redbird, which is located at the historic architectural gem of a cathedral-turned-event space, Vibiana. There’s also a spot that the ladies can enjoy together in Korea Town called the Wi Spa. Although it’s all-nude, once you see everyone else in their birthday suit, you can ease into it relatively quickly. The heated jade floor, mugwort bath (yes, it’s basically a hot tea jacuzzi that you sit in to heal your womb, and boost circulation) is sublime. And they offer very fair pricing on all of their facials, massages, and other various spa treatments, which everyone will need after a whirlwind of a week in LA. There are so many places to choose from, all from different sides of town, so this is an abbreviated list of some of the heavy hitters. I would enjoy any of these spots regardless if I was playing tour guide or just hanging solo.

Shoutout is all about shouting out others who you feel deserve additional recognition and exposure. Who would you like to shoutout?
My ancestors and invisible helpers- there are angels among us on Earth and across the veil. I am in communication with all of them, as much as they show up. I think that if you’re willing, which I was, to be supported by a team in the unseen, guides will show up on your path. Clarity will find you, and peace will sink into your bones in the 11th hour, which is a really important time. Things have happened for me that were in my favor, more easily and often, when I am connected to the Divine. The Divine is Love. It may have been hard love at times, yet I felt protected in the process, always.

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