We had the good fortune of connecting with Justen Arnold and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Justen, do you disagree with some advice that is more or less universally accepted?
I remember when I started it was drilled by mentors and gurus. and even friends this idea that was I was going to have to grind and sacrifice so much including friends and family. I asked myself this question “What am I doing this all for then if Im sacrificing the reasons Im doing it and the people and things that matter most to me?”

I decided right then and there I was going to do it on my terms, my way and use things like mentors, personal development books etc as tools and take the “meat and leave the bones” Which essentially means use what can benefit me my business my clients my health. and my family and friends without sacrificing all of that. I’ve heard things like balance is a lie when you’re striving for the global version of success but I disagree. I feel when you find balance and work on improving in each area of family, faith, finances, and fitness (health) all four of those quadrants actually benefit one another and improve one another.

I talk about it a lot in my book Purpose through Pain. Time is a valuable resource and if you lose track of why youre doing this all areas will fail. But one thing I noticed was when I invested into my family my finances grew my faith grew and ultimately true health grew (not just being jacked all 24 hours). When I buckled down on health mental physical emotional and spiritual my family and finances grew. Its like a domino affect. But same goes for the opposite.

Your time has the power to change the world. Each connection you make leaves an impact that ripples across time and space. When our wealth and value is defined by money, then we often fail to see the value in the people around us. If all we see in the mirror is a dollar sign, then that is all we will see in the people around us. History has proven that humanity has always struggled with the sin of judging based on social and economic class, among other things. We will continue to struggle with equality if we use money as the value and definition of ourselves and our neighbors. This cannot be our legacy. We must recognize the humanity in ourselves and the humanity of those around us.

I feel our legacy isn’t in what we accumulate.
An inheritance is only what you can leave for others.
But A legacy is what you leave IN someone.

I would tell anyone remember why youre doing all this. Money is great and gives you the ability to do a lot, nothing wrong with it but remember why youre doing all of it for. It shouldn’t be for fame or money. Otherwise you’ll be broke in the things that truly matter.

What should our readers know about your business?
Currently I am an author, gym owner, trainer, nutritionist, and life optimization coach. I am basically on a mission to take care of all people, whether it’s families, individuals or acquaintances through my unique holistic philosophy regarding physical, nutritional, mental, and spiritual well-being. I truly believes all people should have access to the best tools and knowledge in a sympathetic environment. In doing so they will be able to achieve their fullest human potential.

My main niche over the past few years has been people with pain. Whether it be a 5 year old with back pain, a high school athlete coming off knee injury, or an 80 year old dealing with the aches and pains of minimal movement through life. I say this on every YouTube video of mine and that’s that I want people to “Move better, feel better, and live better.” My clients come in mainly for Physical reasons but ive seen especially with my own history how much physical and mental pain/trauma are connected. Why I develop relationships with people and have a private facility to allow people to open up more. Through this we have seen incredible things and heard incredible stories. From the busy father with severe debilitating back issues lose 50 pounds and not deadlifting 350. But that’s no the best part. He has the ability and opportunity to play with his kids more, is more positive and therefore feeling better to take on more work, leading to more income and more time with family.

So like I talked about earlier by improving in one area and then another how that can have a ripple affect on other quadrants of your life.

I cant say getting to where I am was easy but it was worth it. Again by reminding yourself daily why youre ding all this is key to truly being successful. To overcome challenges I used a number of modalities and resources from mentors coaches and books to the biggest tip I can give and that is stepping away and finding stillness when things are the most stressful or “busy”. It gives clarity and focus back. The work will always be there and there is always more work to be done but time goes fast so if you don’t stop and enjoy life especially at life thickest moments you’ll lose out on so much and your business will most likely become stagnant or you’ll lose passion.

IF there are some other things Id like people to know about me is I am survivor a child of severe sexual abuse and trauma and have found purpose through my life long journey of pain. I am also a committed husband, active father of three, adventurer. In fact one of the many standards in our house is at least 30 minutes outdoor daily walks/adventures and weekly hiking. By setting that standard I get time with my family, breaks from work, and one of the ways I make my schedule work for me instead of the other way around. I am also the Founder of Flexx Mobility & Performance a multi faceted health & Wellness Organization. I also am an author with my new book “Purpose Through Pain: Finding Limitless Potential in the Face of Adversity” going on Presale Sept 24th. I Host of the successful podcast One Step Further and popular YouTube channel and have More than 17 years in the health and fitness industry. I also contribute to various podcast and blogs.

Any places to eat or things to do that you can share with our readers? If they have a friend visiting town, what are some spots they could take them to?
I would go hiking in the mountains around ADK where there are waterfalls and scenery and beauty only Mother Nature could create. Some of the places we would go would look like paintings or movie sets but I guarantee are real. We would disconnect in order to connect. We will be off the grid either in a camper or bouncing from bed and breakfast/air BNB. We would go zip lining, kayaking, and swimming. We would go exploring and cliff diving, maybe even some white water rafting. Depending on the time of year maybe even skiing or snowboarding. We would enjoy nature at its finest and truly take in all she has to offer. We would get lost in order to find ourselves. We would spend every night by a campfire. We would eat local fair but possibly even stuff we find in nature. The people we would find and chat with would be the locals and hear their stories even can’t with former olympians in lake placid. We would hike some of the 46 peaks in the lake placid keene valley area. But these wouldn’t be a sprint. They would be at a pace in order for all out senses to enjoy.

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
My wife and my faith.

If it wasn’t for my wife I would not be anywhere that I am today. She has pushed me challenged me supported me even when it was tough. She has loved me unconditionally. I can honestly say she is my better half. It was her idea for me to even start a business in the first place. She had more confidence in me at the time than I had in myself. I am stronger, smarter, wealthier, healthier, more faithful, a better father, and better husband because of the standards she has set and the development she has encouraged, supported, and challenged me to take on. I cant say enough grateful things about her.

I will also say my faith. No matter what your belief system is believing in something bigger than yourself and being able to have the mindset to take care of what you can and let go of the rest is freeing. Something I say regularly and even have tattooed on my left arm is “let Go Let God.” Essentially take care of what you can and let God(higher power) take care of there rest. There is peace in that and allows me to be laser focused on the things that matter and the things in my control. Allowing for less stress more action and more productivity.

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