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Hi TiF, why did you decide to pursue a creative path?
Anything artistic, music, dance, or entertainment related has always positively impacted my soul. Anxiety and depression have been an ever-going battle of mine amongst alternative factors. For the entirety of my life, the only activity that would ever calm, yet simultaneously stimulate my mind would be the art of anything in relation to music. Forms I personally prefer and have spent the majority of my life training and competing in, would be vocal production and choreography of several dance styles.

My own Nanay [Mother] can attest to constantly having to aid in encouraging me to work past my social anxiety to showcase my growing passion and talents for music. Attending a program under the mentorship of several at Musician’s Institute at age seven, truly allowed for me to see the healing components in music, at a young and impressionable age.

Although only attending for approximately two years, due to time and financial constraint, training and and a competitive nature still occupied the majority of my time from childhood until adulthood with various vocal and dance teams/schools.

My own family had a heavy influence as well. Being a mixed Filipinx, Mexican, & Indigenous individual, I take pride in the cultural influences I continually have. Performing at various family fiestas, endless karaoke nights, and so much more, could only fill me with so much joy, while simultaneously serving as preparation for all that is to come in my career. Graciously speaking, having a different career path from a majority in my family only made my affirmation stronger in the choice I have made with the energy I choose to pursue.

Growing up, whenever I would pursue an alternative passion…I always found a way to somehow tie it all back to music. Examples being creating a song to memorize any set of vocabulary, inclusive of Karate vocabulary, being employed as a dance coach as my first job, volunteering at Kaiser Permanente Hospital to aid patients with crucial illnesses with music therapy, pursuing my first leadership role for my high-school vocal ensemble based on pure passion for music, self teaching myself audio production to become more self sufficient at my craft, pursuing alternative career paths solely on the want to bring my divine calling to fruition. The list continues, but these moments listed above were key affirming moments towards my inner being regarding my choice in lifestyle and career.

During any instance in my life in which I feel in limbo…I always turn to music. Wether it be listening to it, creating it, singing to it, dancing to it, or simply allowing it to heal my vibrations. The power in which music holds, the healing capabilities, that is the reason I do what I do. If one were to simply hear, see, or feel a creation of mine and resonate in healing…then the task has successfully been completed.

To heal, inspire, love, and come together…in summary, is why I continually am thankful I have the ability to pursue a musically creative career and lifestyle.

Let’s talk shop? Tell us more about your career, what can you share with our community?
In an individualistic, yet commonly resonating fashion, music, whether singing or dancing to it, has been my most healing outlet throughout my entire life.

My soul is both intrigued and healed by the entire process. The creation of a sample, the flow of instruments, into a beat, followed by the development of lyrics and a melody, leading to choreography, aided with visual components, and the list goes on. This ever growing process of understanding music and intentionally creating, is one I am beyond thankful for. Allowing for myself to truly be vulnerable and reach the root of any issues, and developing/learning several talents in which aid in said healing.

I wish to humbly inspire throughout my journey. Music is powerfully healing. Allowing for all who resonate with this to continually unlock the healing energies in which music and all of its’ aspects provide. We are the creators of our reality, alongside the divine forces. Entrusting in the process and having faith in ones self, ones manifestations, ones talents, ones protection & ones higher power, personally being The Universe for myself. Allowing for oneself to always be in the position to be an ever-evolving being. These are a few core values that make me who I am today.

I am genuinely gracious this artistic journey of mine has been one in which has, and continually will last a lifetime. From the first competitive dance and vocal schools attended at age five leading up until now, a 24 year old mixed womxn proudly pursuing a career in the arts, with pure intentions.Investing in oneself is key. The application of the proper energy and mindset switch to ensure all is done to not only survive, but become successful in ones field of choice are core factors that drive one to become professional, especially in the entertainment industry. With still accomplishments left to achieve, one must stay humble and ready to learn at every given moment, especially moments of success. That, alongside open-mindedness and risk-taking are what aid in the switch towards professional and fruitful career paths.

The journey is indeed one I am eternally grateful for. Regardless of the hardships and difficulties, it is truly how we react to said instances and move forward that define us as beings. Overcoming said challenges, whether it be financial hardships, emotional traumas, or mental blockages, are instances in which I definitely turned to music in all forms to heal and move accordingly. The beauty is within the journey and I am thankful for every aspect of it.

Key lessons along the way are to genuinely stay true to oneself and self reflection, and accountability are key aspects in which can aid one to blossom beautifully in all forms. Intention is key. We are love. Energy is everything. Music is healing.

I am beyond gracious for all of the continued support towards my craft and only hope to heal and create alongside those who resonate with my energy and tunes. Much love, xo.

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?
I’m a mixed Filipina, Mexican & Indigenous individual born n raised in the 818, Los Angeles California.

Anywhere with good energy, a positive attitude and pure intention always aids in a good overall experience. Personal suggestions of mine would be heavily based in the artistic scene.

Catching a few shows live shows, few festivals/raves, performing a few live shows, training in world renowned facilities for vocals and dance, enjoying mother nature on a few hikes, the beach, a few creeks, a list of museums, crystal stores, bookshops, animal sanctuaries, community volunteer events, heritage based community events, various fusions of food, bakeries, drink, cannabis, etc. and so much more.

The city of Los Angeles is one i will forever be grateful for. The immense intertwining of energies of all sort due to the general open-mindedness of this city is one I will forever cherish. The limits are truly endless here. Much love Los Angeles, my city of angels.

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Much love to all of those supporting me in my journey. Much love to the Universe, My Divine Self, and my soul for committing to me; for protecting and healing me.
Much love to my Nanay, you are my world.
Much love to my Padre + Tatay.
Much love to my hermana binky & my entire family.
Much love to my kitty Yu-Gi-Oh!
Much love to silky.
Much love to my previous mentors at Musician’s Institute, any vocal/dance competitive school/team + Dennis McKinley & Tom Pease.
Much love to the following for creatively inspiring me : Madz, Xhaania, Lavaluscious, GennyLooks, Kim Mantsur, Venetia Zipporah, Sylvia Mannova, Rehima, Mariel Salarda, Natalie Rey, Olivia Wong, all of ilygirl, Kruttika Sequeira.
Much love to everyone at Shoutout LA for this opportunity to share my story.
Much love to YOU for reading this, xo.

Website: https://www.t-i-f.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tif.wav/

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Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSBsizz7fVFBiv8ufhBUtHg

Other: SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6xeDcn8tci1ieW49CmuVj2 APPLE MUSIC: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/tif/1479510456 TIKTOK: https://www.tiktok.com/@tif.wav?lang=en

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Thank you seriously to all aiding in bringing my vision to life. Please see and support the talent below: Photo Credits: Snoopz_Visualz & ZionShoots Collage Credits: MadMads.Draws Make-Up Artist: GennyLooks_

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