We had the good fortune of connecting with Tori Martin and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Tori, any advice for those thinking about whether to keep going or to give up?
How to know whether to keep going or to give up ? Good question “right “ When I analyze this question I think of the times I was planted on this earth . Who am I ? What’s my purpose ? Where do I stand ? Who do I belong too ? Questions after questions . Flowing through my mind , sitting worrying were it all begins . From birth to present I was a flesh giving a body ; to serve my purpose on this earth . What is my purpose ? How do I find it ? Where do I start ? How ? Crazy Right ! As a young girl you don’t know where the world may lead you . Taking chances after chances , risks after risks ; you began to adapt to a faintest environment I was placed on . Living to survive , survive just to live!! Is there a scientific or technical indicator we can use to determine if we should keep working on something, or simply accept that we failed, and let go? I wish!Every experience is different, and each experiencer is unique. We don’t have definitive guidelines on persistence, and giving up.The decision to continue doing something, or to stop, is part of the art of living, and that’s what makes every choice interesting.In certain situations, you’d want to use all the motivation, willpower, and courage you can muster to keep going. And in other situations, you’d need strength, humility, and insight to let go and move on. Only time can tell if we’ve made the right choice, or not. But here is a question that can help in leveraging our past experiences, and what time has taught us so far. So see I’ve learn that time is the only thing that last , You live everyday but die ONCE . Time can tell if we make any choice or not . How do we know if we give up ? You ask yourself the same question. All I know is you don’t give up , you strive towards success. You are eager to be phenomenal. You have faith which gives you strength and in order to do so you must BELIEVE . Believe in your heart that it will manifest , that it will work out . Believe that you can go it . Yes it will be hard roads you don’t know how to escape but you fight ; YOU FIGHT TO LIVE ANOTHER DAY . You fight for your freedom . You fight for your voice . You do everything you can too achieve that goal . It’s starts with you . So too answer your question how do you know whether to keep going or to give up, as an individual you feel things within your body , within your mind and you start to connect the dots ;you breathe it , you see it and best believe, you believe in it . It’s like a gut feeling, deep down inside you know that fighter in you or the person you want to become is hiding behind you . The Shadow of a lost soul . A child so cold , living in this world of fear , of lost , of pain … should I give up on my life ? No ! In my head I keep going and going , registering in my brain that I can be positive . Sometime you have to give yourself the “ pet talk “ . Sometimes you have to press that “ Reset button “ when I say test button I’m referring too a time I was on track , I discover who I was and where I wanted to be in life . Doing that journey of finding myself it took a lot out of me . I want to become an entrepreneur and be the best at it . There were negative remarks discouraging words that affect my motivation to the point I became depress , weak and lonely . At the time I was already in a rough space need peace in my life , need guidances. Just me and me alone . The one question you need to ask before you choose to give up, or keep going: This is not about being brave or weak. It’s about being honest. So the question you want to answer truthfully is: Knowing what I know now, would I want to start this task today, or not? Or even if you goin through something emotionally . I took a leap of faith and turn that negative into positive outcomes . Now I pursued my career as an entrepreneur. It took a lot out of me to even start , I had to come up with a business plan and find out who is my target . It was hard days , some days I want to give up because you have no customers. Then sometimes you can have two customers. It can be very discouraging at times and rough , But you got to be able to press on . Move forward with your journey . Take that leap of faith , use it and apply yourself . At the end it will become a beautiful success .

Alright, so for those in our community who might not be familiar with your business, can you tell us more?
Sweettastee is a business I discovered in high school , it was a hobby . Just something for me too do . Nothing less , nothing more ! A little background about how it all got started . Back in 2009-2012 I attended Crenshaw Senior High School, at The Shaw there’s different academy’s you can pick from . The one that stood out to me the most was “ Business Management and Entrepreneurial-ship” . I was in the 9th grade wanted to see where this academy will take me . I didn’t have a clue what was going to happen or what classes I’m getting into . Starting school and the business academy we learned how business works . How you can start a business for yourself . It was very interesting so I stayed until I graduated out of the academy/ high school . Crenshaw business academy provided students with excellent academics , Relationships that – Students develop strong ties with one another and with their teachers Experiences – Students learn to complete in various business plan competitions, interact with successful entrepreneurs, students actually start their own businesses Academics – Students are able to learn business and meet A-G Requirement Leadership – Student leadership allows students to lead students and learn how to become a leader and apply yourself for the real world . In this academy I learned how to write my own business plan, how to compete with other businesses, how to master business , how to target an audience and how to become an successful entrepreneur. In this academy I have chosen to operate my own dance studio . My dance studio targeted all ages from 3-26 yess of age , providing students with a safe environment to become the masters of art . An environment were all students feel comfortable to work with each other and respect one another space . While we are in class every student must apply themselves as a leader . This dance studio was a dream ; But knowing me I’m always changing my mind . So I switch from a dance studio to food industry . Food sells fast in the food industry. Everyone love food .. So I started a new business plan and created a program where all students and staff can eat good healthy tasting food . I provided affordable prices every lunch period . During lunch period all the business academy students would worked to together during class periods to come up with a menu for every week to cook and sale lunch plates for around $5 . As a student I’ve learn how to use every tool our teachers provided I applied that into a business . Feeding the students/faculty staff on our campus providing them with a healthy kick and affordable meals . It started to become a habit , and it turned out successfully with the help of our students . Once we all graduated from high school , I stopped selling plates and moved on with my adult life and decided to go off to college , and find another hobby . In the dorms , I started cooking for my roommates then it turned out to cooking for the whole dorm. It was my passion so every chance I get I take advantage. Once I left my first semester of college , I decided to start my own food business . I wanted my business to be home based . Just to start off ! I mean you gotta start somewhere ( RIGHT ).. After work I remember going home opening up my notebook to start on a business plan ,. During the process I have taken food handling courses , and other courses that applied to the job , once I completed the courses I received my food handler certificates and start selling . In the beginning it was very hard .. I create a menu for every week , post and promote all over social media . You will get likes and people sharing your post but no customers. Sometimes I wouldn’t even get customers at times . Then sometimes it be questions about what’s next on the menu , but no service and that was very stressful, and discouraging. It makes you feel like you rush into something and didn’t complete a step in your plan . It makes you want to give up . You sit there and start thinking of strategies in how to promote yourself , who to target ? Who’s your audience ? Location ? And so much more that comes with a business . You see working for yourself can be challenging. You have to feel every emotion, draw your heart out on the line and keep yourself and your faith strong at all times . You have to motivate and encourage yourself, be around positive people and people who is very successful. That’s the key to success is PEOPLE . Running a business is not easy , everybody says “oh look at the money you make” but they don’t tell you about the work you have to put in . Or how much time you have to give , or how dedicated you have to be . In the process of running a business off ground can cause a person to loose sleep , to become unwanted and afraid of failure which causes you to create a mental space that affect your mind and body and you began to loose yourself in this process . Put all the emotions , work and actions can be challenging at times . In order for any entrepreneur to succeed in their business , one self must apply the pressure , apply the work , be dedicated and make this your baby . Make it your priority. Make it your #1 . We started a business for a reason , once we start we must finish . In order to finish you must go through trails and tribulations. That’s life ! That’s the way things work ! I would be lying if I said it was easy ;it’s not and on top of that having many people discouraging me , doubting me , making negative remarks made me who I am today . Yes it did effect me in the beginning and I had to stopped working on my business for about 2-3 years . Then in 2019 , I found the courage to stand up for myself , to believe in my art . To see what I vision and strive for ! It took dedicated, commitment, love , passion , sweat and tears to get to were I am today . And it’s still not finish . I’m still building my clientele, and my brand . I had some amazing experiences and opportunities. Coming up with new items and how to get people engage in my business and how to get them to support me . It started with family and friends then it began from word of mouth , to social media . Throughout the support I have gained many customers ,that are very supported and that are pleased with my services . I want to introduce my business . SweetTastee which provides delightful foods and delicious drinks that are unforgettable. Our service will knock you off your feet . Sweettastee dedicated our services to our customers making sure every customer is satisfied with their purchases and the quality of the foods. Sweet Taste is based off soul , creativity, art & love. Sweet Taste provides excellent customer service , great quality and better tasting food . Sweet Taste is not only a smoothie business but also serves various foods as pasta , salads , seafood plates and much more . Thank you for giving Sweettastee an opportunity to share with each and every one of you . Much love ❤️

Any places to eat or things to do that you can share with our readers? If they have a friend visiting town, what are some spots they could take them to?
If my bestfriend was to visit the area we should definitely have an amazing time . I would show her around the San Fernando Valley and where everyone hang out at . We will go eat at the Village at Xoc Tequila Grill . My favorite place to eat . Very good authentic Mexican food. Their service is excellent and the quality/ taste of the food is fresh and mouth watering. I take everyone there . After we eat we will go to the mall, chat a little and grad a drink . Then I would take my bestfriend to an amusement park , beach something very fun and exciting . I am a very adventurous person so being around me we will have fun and explore the city . I love to sight see and go on tours . I love to try new foods and learn about new cultures , new trends , new art etc .

The Shoutout series is all about recognizing that our success and where we are in life is at least somewhat thanks to the efforts, support, mentorship, love and encouragement of others. So is there someone that you want to dedicate your shoutout to?
It’s amazing how many people can support you . It takes a team to build a brand . It takes a team to be proactive and apply themselves to the job . In order to success we all need mentors , counselors, a support group and a back up team . I want to give thanks to Shannon Berry , owner of Stinks Collection clothing line “ Styles That Identifies Nonpareil Klothing”. Shannon is amazing , she’s a wonderful role model . She taught me how to be free and allow myself to pursue my happiness and my dreams while living in the moment . Being able to experience support and dedication that Shannon shown me as been beyond amazing and I am grateful to have cross paths in my life . Not only has Shannon been my mentor but I had the opportunity to meet different amazing people all over the world who has the same passion as me . It’s been an honor and I took every advice , every word , every experience and places it into my lifestyle , I have become the person I am today because of the support system I have received . Being motivated is very inspiring and important . I cherish every moment and every chance I get . Sometimes you only get 1 chance so why not take a risk ! Thank you 😊

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