When you are approached by someone at an event, what makes you want to connect with someone? What makes you want to avoid them?

Olivia Mia Orozco | Artistic Creator

Authenticity. If I meet someone at an event and they seem genuinely interested in the event, whether it be art or music and want to share their thoughts, then I want to talk to them. Too many people lead with a mindset of “what can you do for me” or “how can I use this person to get xyz.” I’ve been running an art gallery for the past few years, and could immediately tell who wanted to talk only because they were trying to get themselves a show in the gallery. It never felt right and the conversations ended rather quickly. Building relationships takes time and chemistry, sometimes you can feel the connection right away and sometimes it’s a slow burn or there’s nothing there at all. Just like dating. I think networking is great in any career but it’s not a numbers game. Read more>>

Randi Wood | Luxury Vintage Boutique Owner

I have always found networking tough! So often when you meet new people, specifically at business orientated events, they are asking you questions to see if you can help them in some way, or they are trying to find an “angel” in which your relationship can benefit them. I always find the most genuine relationships come from emotional connections first, which parlay into wanting to help each other in a business aspect. Some “networking” groups are formed on this mindset initially, which are the groups that I seem to get the most out of. “Hey Mama” is a great example of a group of women that have come together initially by all being mothers, but secondly by being working mothers. Read more>>

Stephanie Gisondi-Little | Fashion Therapist, Personal Stylist & Wardrobe Organizer

I am fortunate that I have always had an easy time connecting with most anyone, but there is no question that it’s easier when I am the one approached. Maybe it’s the Irish in me – and I did kiss the Blarney Stone – but I am not usually at a loss for words, for better or worse. I always enjoy talking about my work because I believe so deeply in the value of what it does for clients. Having worked for noted designers Emanuel Ungaro and Nicole Miller, I am adamant about demystifying ‘Fashion’ for all. Working behind the scenes crystalizes the sweat, tears and schlepping that go into making the industry tick. I am 100% in for the fantasy of fashion, just as I can appreciate a beautiful painting, but once that sheen of glamour is removed, it’s easy to see the Pretty Woman saleswoman’s attitude for what it is; exclusion and mean-spiritedness. Read more>>