Never give up. It’s advice that is thrown around daily – but is it always right? We asked some folks we admire about their thoughts around how to know when to give up and when to keep trying

Dupe Babatunde | Founder, Black Social | Fostering Deeper Connections in Black Communities

This is the question a lot of entrepreneurs wrestle with every single day! Let me say this, the answer is deeply personal. But here is what I anchor to at Black Social & what I think can work for every entrepreneur. You must believe in your vision, but you also have to be willing to pivot. Sometimes it can be hard to see when you need to re-work your plan, because we do become emotionally invested in these businesses. This is where KPIs and goal-tracking are a game-changer for Black Social; they help me keep an objective mind when making decisions on whether to keep going with a feature or change direction. Read more>>

Alicia Serling | Artist

I almost always think about the letter to Eva Hesse from Sol Lewitt. “JUST DO.” I suppose to some might seem kind of cliche but its content has stuck with me for many years. When I think about my practice, there are certainly highs and lows. Times that I just want to give up. As there is for many, an impending sense of imposter syndrome can be overwhelming at times. When something is just not turning out the way you want and all you want to do is hide it in a dark corner of your studio. In all actuality, I find that in the struggle, within that in the desire to give up. Some really beautiful and generative things can happen. Within this idea of giving up, I think it’s also important to address rejection, and acknowledge that it’s a part of life. Never give up when someone rejects you. Never give up when you feel that imposter syndrome creeping in. “JUST DO.” Read more>>

Adam Carnes | Thread Dealer

For me, giving up has never really been an option. Untitled Life as both a business and my creative outlet has always felt like the only viable option for moving my life forward while being happy. Sure, I could always do something different and go back to school and find a career in some field, but what happens after I get that job. Maybe I save up some money, buy a house, etc. but eventually I feel like I would just find myself wanting to go back to designing and creating clothing. Read more>>

Rachel Bennett | Photographer and Visual Artist

I’m going to address this question through the lens of being an artist, but I think many people could relate to this no matter what they are pursuing. For obvious reasons, the last couple years have been really tough and I think a lot of people have been faced with this question of ‘how the hell do I keep going?’ I’ve been struggling with this a lot recently, sometimes feeling like I’ve lost any forward momentum; I have felt at times, that the work I’m doing is meaningless – that, while the world is experiencing so much suffering, why does my art matter? What impact is it making for the greater good? Read more>>